From Barbara and Christopher

Hi there,

Just want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!!!

Barbara and 12 yr old son Christopher

From Nora

Dearest Paul,

I just watched Msnbc special on your life. I cried while I heard you speak of Linda and of John. You are such a fair, kind, loving person. You have given this earth such grace. Thank you for the love you've shared with all of God's children. Peace be with you always. Nora Martin
Austin, Texas

From Debbie S.

Dear Paul and family

I hope that the new year brings you nothing but joy and peace. You have taken what life has given you and made it the best that you can be. You have not forgotten your loyal fans, and have given us the most wonderful music in the world. I will never forget Linda, and all of the things she brought to us. I promise that I will continue to champion animal rights . You and Linda have given me that, and I will always be grateful. Hopefully the next century will see a new respect for our fellow beings.

Love and Peace, Debbie S.

From Doug

Dear Paul ( or should I say Sir Paul),

I wonder if you really receive these E`s ?? I you do I have a rather funny little human interest story to share with you. You can contact me at if your in the mood for a funny!

Doug PS Happy holidays.

From The Moodys

To Sir Paul & Family,

Although this e-mail greeting will be among the thousands you'll receive, I'd like you to know it's one of the most sincere. I'm a 37 year old father, husband and musician that understands why John said "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." From my humble beginnings in Mobile, AL, my wife and I managed to attend your concert on 14 October 1997 at the Royal Albert Hall. I've also gotten to walk the zebra crossing and meet Miles in Liverpool (he signed my book and wished me luck on meeting you one day.) And I've actually taken the family (wife and three children) camping in East Sussex; we had lunch at the Red Fox in Peasmarsh and we played on the swings outside Jempsons Superstore. It's not such a big world after all. Well, I wish you and yours a Happy Holidays and hope our paths may cross one day; a buskin' duet with you would be fab. (incognito, of course!)

from The Moodys (Eric, Vikki, Eric II, Anna and Paul)

From Clara


"Deseo que este aņo este colmado de salud, felicidad y mucho amor" I'm Mexican and want to tell you three words "YOU'RE THE BEST"

From Snow

Just typing to wish you a merry christmas and hoping you have a happy new year. I love your band on the run new edition cd. You are on of the greatest artist in the world.


From Becky

Hi Paul,

Just wanted to say "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!" Also, I bought your new album Run Devil Run, it's really great

From Marianne

Dear Paul,

Thank you so much for being yourself. You are my north star, and have given me so much. You've led me through my life! I'm 14 years old and new to the world but I feel like I've known you forever.....within your music, smile, genius talents and laughter, you've done more for me than anyone else over the period of more than a decade in my life. How can I thank you enough? All that I can do is wish you a very, very sincere and heartfelt Christmas...(a little belated, I apologize...) and send you and your family best wishes and a merry new millenium! Well, sort of a new millenium, anyway, let's not get into THAT controversy.

With love and gratitude I'll sign off.......
Your friend, Marianne

From Meg and Melanie

Dear Sir Paulie,

Have some happy holidays. Here's wishing you everything you wish yourself this holiday season. WE LOVE YOU! :)

Meg and Melanie

From Echo

hi Paul,

Have a great holiday and a wonderful New Year! I love you!


From Karen

Happy Holidays to my favorite musician of all time. I wish you and your family a Wonderful Christmastime.

From North of France

Wishes of merry christmas and happy milenium from north of france. . I'm sure that Linda, anywhere she is,will protect your family and yourself from the year to come. my english is bad but these greetings come from my heart. I' m a fan since 1963. April 1970 will forever be a bad date fin my life. But i'll enjoy all your solo career with wings and else. I see you on stage for the first time in paris in 1964 and at bercy in october 1993. What a good night. Thank you for the joy your music brings to me. Never stop rocking ! I'll finish with Stella. The things she does are pretty nice. God save Paul

From Howard

I also wanted to add my best wishes for a very happy Christmas to all you wonderful people.As many have remarked that their are so many wonderful, generous and informative people who bring so much joy. I too have enjoyed the daily ritual of logging on and feeling a kind of kinship to you all. In fact through the years I have met some of you and it has been a most memorable event in my life. I loved how the group of us waited at the hotel in Northampton Ma. waiting to catch a glimpse of Sir George Martin.We had the pleasure of meeting him however brief but a cherished moment indeed. I want to thank especially Colin for his help and for the infamous swop shop. To Brad Shey for his kindness. Just a quick story before I go. At work I have a picture of our Paul near my desk. When a worker comments. I tell them of his current events and always mention the Macca L group. I just can't say enough but I think I just said enough. A special thanks goes out to the hardest working ladies on the site, of course Lynn and Cathy. You just do a super job year after year it's just amazing!!! Ute you are just great!! Love those clever e-mails and Jorie, great website and can't wait to buy that book of yours whatever the title may be. Happy and safe Christmas everybody. ( Paul too!!)

Howard of Ma

From Jim

Dear Paul,

I'm a huge fan of yours. I think the Beatles is the best group ever. but. your my favorite beatle. If your not to busy and would care to write me my E-mail Address is JDBR16@AOL.COM I would really like to Chat. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and you family.


From Steve


The merriest of holidays to you and your family.


---------------------------------------------------------------- ABBEYRD'S BEATLES PAGE ----------------------------------------------------------------

From Omar




From Rory

Dear Paul and family,

From our family to yours, a very happy Christmas and a peaceful Millenium!

Rory Brown and family (NY,NY)

From Rune

Hi Paul

My name is Rune Nilssen and I live in Aalesund, Norway.I am a great fan of yours and I`d like to wish you a Merry Xmas, and best wishes for the new year!

Hope you never stop rockin`!!!!!

From Kevin

May Sir Paul RULE in the new millenium...and that he will find a good love of his life again!

-Kevin Maylin

From Bob

Just to let you know.

I'm working with a Russian guy in the States for a couple of months, Nikolai Gorev, his English is pretty good, he learnt it in the sixties listening to outlawed Beatles records, cool eh? Well, here's a Merry Christmas from him. (He was too shy to write himself!)

Bob Pope

From Eufe

hi there, my dear paul!

i know that you always trade with the best in ev'ry case, that's why i'm deep pleased on sending to you my feelings for this 'xmas holidays. happy happy mc-christmas to you, and yours,...paul!


From Deb

To Paul and family

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas. May the year 2000 bring you all much happiness, along with exciting new endeavors.


From Gotte and Christina

Dearest and greatest Paul McCartney,

Here are some "ho ho ho's" from the cold Denmark up north. We wish you and your family a merry christmas and a happy new year:) This evening we shall play Let It Be (x-mas) -and we love it (and you) We hope that your concert at The Cavern will be send in danish television. With Love From Us To You!!

Gotte and Christina
P.S. We Love You!

From Anonymous

Dear Paul,

My ten year old son, Stephen , is a big fan of yours. He has been playing the piano for almost three years. One day when we were going to the shore, a traffic light broke and we had to take a detour. There was nothing to do so Stephen looked in the back of the car and my brother left the Red album there. He started listening to the songs and loved them. He soon got interested into the Beatles music and started playing the piano. After a year he started to learn the songs on the piano. He played Hey Jude, Let It Be, and Yesterday on the piano at his school's talent show. Soon his father bought him Band on the Run and he started to like you after you broke up with the Beatles. He bought McCartney, Run Devil Run, Ram, and Trippen the Live Fantasy. He would really love to meet you and this comming year he wants to play Uncle Albert and Imagine by John Lennon for the talent show in February. If you want to write to him his e-mail address is And I wish you all a Merry Christmas and In The End The Love You Take Is Equal To The Love You Make. (The Beatles)

From Eleonora & Jorge




From Vera

Dear Paul...... happy holidays, lots of health and happiness.Tks for all the love you make:))))

Love always Vera:)

From Rick

Dear Paul.

Wanted to drop you a line and wish you and your family a happy Holidays and a happy new year.

Also, want to know if you are considering touring next year. Thank You,


From Bob

Dear Paul and family,

From the Ward/Clifford family in Niagara Falls, Ontario,Canada, wishing you and yours a very merry,happy and peacful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

From Stephanie

Dear Paul,

God Bless you and your lovely family this holiday season and always. I hope I get to meet you again in the next century.

Love and Peace

From Jim

Dear Paul,

Caught the Cavern gig on the web and on TV. This is the BEST Rock & Roll I have heard in years. PLEASE PLEASE KEEP IT GOING and convince the TV and radio people to play more of it. Your voice is in superb form, love the new album, pure rock and roll, terrific stuff!! Also I am especially pleased that you have my hero MICK GREEN playing in the band. All the guys in the band are great, but Mick, for me, is just WOW. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I hear his instantly recognisable guitar playing.

Merry Xmas Paul, and thanks for the music!!

Jim McLachlan

From Odile

To Paul and all the Family,

Hope this Christmas is full of the joys of baby Arthur's first Christmas. Very best wishes from a French fan of 32 years (since 1967).

I'm sure Linda will be with you in spirit.

Looking forward to seeing you in concert whenever you feel ready.


From Jack


I think you should get a Grammy for Christmas this year for best vocal performance on RUN DEVIL RUN.. keep the music coming and the devil running..... JACK M.

From Jerie

Wishing you and your family a most joyous holiday season. You gained a treasure this year with the birth of your grandson, and speaking as as a seasoned grandparent...Christmas will be even more special, now that he is here. Thank you for a memorable musical year. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us next!! Happy Holidays.

Jerie in Arizona

From Geo

Merry Kringle and Happy New Year!

from Geo.

From Martha

Dear Paul& Family,

I raise a cup to you and yours.
I raise a cup to a Christmas full of peace and joy!
I raise a cup to a New Year full of Blessings and
empty of sorrow.
Right about now I'd raise a cup to the motley crew
on this mailing list, but I can't feel the cup ;)

Happy Crimble & God Bless!
"Martha" Rose Dianese

From Richard

I hope your holiday is free from demons.

From Keith and David

Dear Paul and family,

My 16 year old son, David, and I want to wish you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season. We saw you at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, MO back in April of '93. Remember how the fog settled into the stadium right before "Live and Let Die"? Thanks for the fireworks, or we would not have seen the stage from our seats. My son says you are his favorite artist, plays all of your songs on the guitar. We have a special bond with "Put it There", but we've changed the words to "That's what a father said to his ONLY son" since David is our only child. Would love to see you on tour again. Thanks for all the great music!

Keith and David Cattani

From Mary

Happy Christmas Paul, Heather,Mary, Stella, and James. I wish you the best for the coming year.

L&L, Mary Hauge :)

From Flavia

Dear Paul,

I wish you a xmas with everything that you write in your musics, like love, hope, happiness, etc.

I like to thank you for being so good with words and touching my heart so deep.

I have one question, too. When will you come to Brazil again????


Flavia Lobo

From Lisa

Dear Paul and Family,

Just want to wish you and the family a Wonderful Chrismastime! Thank you for all the music. Keep it coming into the new millineum. I'm still hoping that someday I'll meet you, so PLEASE tour the US in 2000!!!!

God Bless You!

all my loving, Lisa H, Hays, KS USA

From Jean


Season's Greetings. May you find comfort and joy this Christmas.

Jean Missi
Indiana, USA

From Brian

Dear McCartney family,

Seasons greetings from the Paynter family in Rocklin,California.USA. I was reading a quote from Paul in the newspaper that said, "It's like everyone was my psychiatrist....People who came to the door, I'd tell them the most intimate details." I too have lost someone to cancer. She was my sister Kristy.This happened 7 years ago. She was 35 years old.I just wanted you to know that somebody knows just what you are going through. I miss my sister every day! There is not a day I don't think about her and sometimes I still cry! Please know that someone is thinking of you today! You probably get thousands of e mails a day so I don't expect you to see this personally. I just wanted you to know that I care. Have a wonderful holiday season with your family.

Brian Paynter

From Tod

Dear Paul and Family,

Happiest of Holidays You are all a wonderful pillar of strength.
I think Linda smiles down on us all.
Looking forward to a new century of greatness

God Bless,

From Stephen

Dear Sir McCartney,

I imagine that you are inundated with letters such as mine so I will be brief. After reading about your recent appearance at the Cavern Club, and thinking about your life, I was inspired to write the following. I hope that it touches you 1/1,000,000 as much as your work has touched me.

For the one you love

A year of struggle and pain,
Time slips and what did you gain?

What to give for one last kiss,
To hold the one you dearly miss.

She held you up in time of trouble,
Throughout the tempest's worst bubble.

By your side and holding your hand,
Was a treasured member of the band.

Thoughts drift back to that quiet lane,
Where there were strawberries and no pain.

Always there when on the run,
Even when the band was no fun.

She taught you that life went on bra,
Her touch more comforting that any spa.

And in the end what did you take?
Did her love greater you make?

The year is over, the year is done,
You must go on even tho you are one.

And still you ask what have you gained?
The answer is her memory sustained.

For you she waits in heaven above,
For there you know all you need is love.

With love to you and your family for a joyous New Year and a very Merry Christmas,

Stephen L. Kessler

From barbara

Happy Christmas Paul.
barbara (with a small "b")

From Debbie

Dear Paul,

I wish you and your entire family the happiest of holidays and much peace and love for the new year. I look forward to a new century filled with even more of your wonderful music (and a few concerts wouldn't hurt either) :)

Debbie Glienke

From Jordi and Amparo

Dear Paul and family!!

My husband Jordi and me wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2000 (it's strange to write 2 indeed 199.., isn'it it?).

That the new millenium gives you a lot of love, peace and health, for you, your children, and now specially for Arthur, your grand-son.

We are waiting our first baby for March and we wait the new year will be as happy for you than for us.

And we wish also that your music never dies, and you will have in mind some new tour (including Barcelona, Spain, of course).


Jordi and Amparo

From Linda

I hope you and your family are having a Wonderful Christmastime. Best wishes for the New Year. Hopefully you will do a show at the Paramount Theater in Denver, Colorado! I enjoy your music so much. It has helped me through my recent serious illness. Love,
Linda Robbins
Boulder, CO USA

From Darcy

Bless you Paul,

Since I was a little boy to a Gen-x alumni, you've always been a beacon for me. I can thank you for vegetarianism ( 7 years ), my love marriage, ( Ebony & Ivory ), and my life optimism ( All You Need Is Love ). I think of you and thank you every day.

Darcy Hoover

From Kathy

Dearest Paul-
Let me *double* that request of Ms. lynn harvey.....
small venue: Chicago's "Parkwest" in 2000 !!!!
Without Club will find your fans here at macca-l.....
Give us a date...& we'll be there !!!
Oh, and "Happiest of Holidays" to you and your family.....*&* thankyou for another year of wonderful music from classical to rock...something for everyone in any mood. carry us through our lives !

Kathy Vala

From Michel

Dear Paul,

May this time of the year bring you peace and happiness. May your joy always shine in your smile and in your eyes. Thank you for your wonderful music and for the countless hours of bliss you have allowed us until now.

God bless you and your loved ones.


From John

Dear Paul:

First and foremost, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Thank you for all the great music you've written over the years. At my age, 45, I still have all my Beatle albums and your solo albums that you've recorded...there definitely seems to be no letting-go of this great music. I really enjoyed your "Run Devil Run" album and you are definitely in top-notch form with your vocal delivery. You were born with an excellent set of "pipes" not only for the smooth ballad songs, but also for the raunchy rock -'n'- roll numbers. Most rock performers envy your vocal prowess. The only other rock star that might come close to your style would be Burton Cummings (formerly of the Guess Who). I've often thought that Burton studied your style of "vocal delivery" and learnt a lot from your music.

I understand you'll be playing at the Cavern this month and I hope all goes well for you. It is nice to have learned that it will be no charge for admission for this concert which I thought is a nice touch on your part. Have fun at the Cavern and don't forget to belt out "Long Tall Sally" for John! I'm sure he'll be smiling down at you if you did. 8^)

All the best Paul for you and your family in the new millennium. Happy Xmas Sir Paul!


John Whelan,
Ottawa, Ontario,
PS: Try and get your Cavern performance out on VHS video, please!

From Sheila K

Dear Paul,

Thanks for all the great music. You are the greatest. Hope you and your family have a 'Wonderful Christmastime'!

Peace and Love,
Fort Worth, TX

From Debi

Ho, Ho, Ho, happy Christmas Sir Paul McCartney. I remember when I was in the 4th grade and first saw you and the other Beatles on Ed Sullivan. I asked Santa that year for a Beatle Album and a re- cord player. My sister said, why don't you get an Elvis record, as the Beatles will be here today and gone tomorrow. Boy did ya'll show her, and the world. Your music has given me joy throughout my life and I pray that you continue making wonderful records, as you have always done. God Bless to you and your's and a very Happy Christmas. I love you Paul, and John, and George, and Ringo.

Love Debi
Dallas Texas

From Jane

Ho Hey Ho !! Ho Ho Ho!! & A Very Merry Christmas to You and Your Loved Ones!! Paul, my wish for you is a Holiday Season that is a fun but relaxing time for you, your family and ever so precious grandson. Happy New Year too!!! What 2000 already? Where did all the time go?? Seems like it was just yesterday I saw you perform live in concert with John, George and Ringo!! Wow! 'Had such a great time at the Buddy Holly Party & NYC RDR Listening Party!! & love the Run Devil Run CD too!! And as we enter this new millenium, here's hoping to see you on a US tour in 2000. BTW, how about another concert in the Baltimore/ Washington, DC area? I know of at least three great small venue places here. --- Wishing you Health, Happiness & Love. Jane Gaudi

From LauraS

I just wanted to wish the McCartney and Macca-l families a Wonderful Christmastime from out here in Boulder, Colorado, USA.


From Jorie

Dear Paul and family,

A merry HoHo to you and yours. As you laugh in the Millennium Sir Macca, please think of your most loyal fans in Chicago patiently waiting for a Park West (or any "small" venue) gig. It's been 9 years since you've graced our beautiful city with a concert. Yes, there is a massive shortage of McCartney in our town causing near chaos.We used up our last reserves in 1995 but have not lost hope that you may remember us.

Loyal, behaving and hopefully not forgotten.

-- Jorie Gracen

From Jean

Dear Paul & Family,

I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Peaceful new year. Thanks for making 1999 a fab year for everyone with lots of good music to listen to.

You need to spoil Arthur like a good Grandpa and I hope he bring you all joy this Christmastime.

Keep on rockin' Paul and we hope to see you on the road in 2000! All the best

Jean from Liverpool Beatlescene

From Nikki

Dear Paul ....

Yes most defiantly 1999 has been a very wild year...And very memorable for myself, I was very fortunate to win both the Fans On The Run Contest (the BOTR Plaque...hanging now in my music room aka family room) and won tickets to the Run Devil Run Listening Party in LA..And absolutely LOVE Run Devil Run and heck pretty much learned everything I could musically off that CD (on electric guitar), and also like others never has left my CD player..Merry Christmas from my family to yours..And if the slightest chance do a small venue tour soon.. would love to make the trip back to House of Blues Sunset Blvd..or something more in Northern California...Anyways have a great and rocking Y2K....

Take Care and have a Wonderful Christmastime

Nikki Jones
Sacramento, California

From Claudia B

Dear Paul and the Rest of the Gang!

This e-mail is sent hoping that you and your family will all be simply having a wonderful Christmas time! Your little grandson is probably crawling all over the place by now. I'm sure your daughter, Mary and her husband have had to nail everything to the floor. Babies are so much fun, especially if you are a grandparent or an aunt or uncle because you can spoil the hell out of them and then give them back to the parents.

My best to you this Christmas and I hope the new year and the new millennium brings you lots of fun new experiences. I know that your darling Linda will be with you in spirit, and is always in your heart wherever you are. I'm sure she watches over you all and keeps you safe.

Good luck at the Cavern gig. I wish I lived in the UK, maybe I would have been able to win a ticket!! Oh well, hopefully, the concert will be shown in the US at some point. I know it will be a great time.

This Christmas, spread a little peace, a little love, a little joy - maybe some day - peace will be everywhere!

Have a great holiday!!

claudia becker

From Andrea

Dear Paul,

I wish you all the best for this Christmas and the New Year. Every day we share this world with you is a wonderful present! Thank you for being yourself, because this is all that counts. By being Paul you've made my life and no words can express my gratitude for the smiles, the tears and all the great music through the years. May God give you the strength to keep on rockin' as long as you want to! I can say no more : )

Luv Ya,

Andrea Barany from Hungary

From Barbara

Dear Paul and family,

We wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for the wonderful music. Whenever I am in a bad mood or things weren't going the way I wish they were, I just listen to one of your cd' sure know how to "rock my blues away". Nobody else (besides my dear husband) can do that:)

Keep rockin' man and we hope to see you soon!

Barbara and Jan Ostrowski, "Viva" Las Vegas

From Julie

Hi Paul and everyone,

I wish you all the love in the world for this Christmas and the next Millenium. Wish? You already have it :) I just hope it can get to you, as the love you put in everything you do and we are only to appreciate it. Run Devil Run was really great and brought fun to all our lives... now again with the Cavern stuff. You and your family desire more than words would actually say so Happy Christmas and thanks!!!!

Julie from Brazil

From Kenneth

Paul, you'd be delighted to know that I have recovered quite nicely from last Christmas when I was so excited that you answered my question on your Webcast for Linda. No, the name is Kenneth DeGraff from Nashville, not Kenneth Graff, but hey, if someone didn't get the name wrong then we wouldn't have had one of the best moments of the entire show--the Kenny G bit.

To get to the point, my life has changed dramatically since last year. College is what I expected, but much different that what I was used to at high school. You might have heard of my high school. We asked you do give our commencement address at our graduation last January.

To really get to the point, everyone's changed over the past year. You've grown stronger, more confident. Paul, you've been a big influence in my life, and for that, I feel that I can wish you a happy, productive Christmas with your family and a happy, productive new year!

From Vidal

Dear Paul & Family,

My Family and I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Very Very Happy New (and Musical) Year. We miss you very much here in Brazil. In 2000 again, who knows? This time, I'll take my little Isadora to the show (she's 6 years old and can sing many of your songs. "She loves you", and so do we all!)


From Ute

Dear Paul, you've made 1999 a very special year for me! After you lost Linda I was sure I was never going to see you again, and now I've seen you three times in the past eight months. You've given us all so much of yourself and the only thing we can give you is our love. But, of course, love is all you need :). Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year to you and your family.

Ute Ruehl-Gering, Germany

From Paula

To Paul and family,

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday with the new baby. May you have as much joy in the new year as you bring us every year.

Love you so much!
Paula Shank from Bonneau, SC USA

From Sair:

Wishing you and all your family the best of Christmases Paul. Thank you for sharing your superb music with us all. Much love to you and yours from Sair in Stockton-on-Tees, England

From Marcy

May this holiday season be full of love for you all, especially with the newest member of the family! Your family has been a shining example of dignity and grace. Thank you for that. With love now and in the new century, Marcy

From Jane

To Paul & Family,

Enjoy your first holiday with Arthur! Babies are wonderful at holiday time!

I'd love to see Paul stop in Honolulu on his world
tour ;-) I used to live in Detroit where I'm sure he'll play, but Honolulu is so nice and warm this time of year..

Happy Holidays to all. Here's to the start of another year with great music and great friends.

Jane Tate

From Miss Harvey

dear macca

please do a surprise small venue appearance at the park west this coming year and be sure to send 500 primo tickets for macca-l members. email me for instructions. :)

miss harvey

From Cathy

happy holidays, paul

my wish for you is basically what miss harvey said above only make a stop at seattle's paramount theatre. :)


From Jason

To Paul, Family, Associates,

My life has been so enriched by the experience of all your music and great causes. I wish you peace and warmth in the new Millennium. I can imagine Christmas must be hard. I'm the last surviving member of my family, as my mother died when I was 13, my father in 1993, brothers in 1993 and 1994 and my uncle in 1995. Peace to you and keep playin that rock and roll.

Love, Jason Moore

From David

Hallo McCarnteys, have a good time, I am greatful for Paulīs last CD, I really enjoy it every day.

Go on!!! David

From Leah

MSGI'd like to wish you,Paul and your famoly a very merry Christmas and a very happy New year. I love your music. I have every one of your cds. I also have Linda's. I really like her cd. I hope you will tour again. I hope you can come back to the Cleveland area. Have a great holiday.

Your biggest fan, Leah English

From Louise

Thank you for all the joy and happiness you and your music has brought me over the years. I recently read that you'll never retire...that's the best Christmas present you could give us! Keep rockin', Paul--I love you!

Louise Beaumont

From Sheryl

Happy Holidays To The McCartney Clan and Extended Families.

I know this holiday will bring much love and warmth because it can't be any other way with you around, especially now that Arthur is here to spoil :)

Love Sheryl

From Lolly

Dear Paul and family,

I hope you have a wonderful Holiday season with your family and enjoy having a baby to celebrate with this year. Thank you for another year of great music. We all love you.

Lolly Cross, Reno, Nevada, USA

From Gene and Dianne Piurkowski

Dear Paul,

Here's a wish and our sincere thanks for all the wonderful music you gave us this year--both rollickin' and soothing--and for fond memories of seeing you with the Crickets. Rave On! May your Christmas be joyful, peaceful, and bright...with warm wishes for your whole family in the new year! And if you need anyone to turn the marshmallows over the bonfire on New Year's Eve, don't hesitate to call!!

Love, Gene & Dianne Piurkowski, Rindge, NH (USA)

From Debby

Dear Paul and family,

May your holidays be filled with great Love, Peace, and Happiness. Paul you need a Santa Suit, so you can play Santa for your BEAUTIFUL baby grandson Arthur :)

Much Love to the McCartneys, Debby

From Ann


I hope you and your lovely family have a "Wonderful Chistmastime". I was fortunate enough to win tickets to the Buddy Holly Dance Party in NY, and it was definitely the highlight of this year for me. Your album, Run Devil Run, hasn't left my CD player since I got it. I absolutely LOVE it. I love Working Classical too. Thank you so much for all the BEST music all these years.

Paul, take time to rest and relax with your family (especially that beautiful grandson of yours) this holiday season. Hope to see you live sometime next year. :)

All my love, Ann Reese, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. USA

From Claudia

Dear Paul,

Here's wishing you an absolutely fabulous holiday season - My wish for you this Christmas or Channukah or whatever, is to receive just a tiny portion of the pleasure that you spread around on a regular basis.

Whenever I jump into my car and press to play these days I hear "Blue Jean Bop", or "No Other Baby" or "Lonesome Town" because I cannot bear to take that particular tape out. When I feel like a break from my baby days, I throw in some Beatles or "Ram" and I'm as happy as a clam. For contemplation, Standing Stone or Working Classical more than do the job.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you again, and again and again for all the happiness you've lobbed in my direction.

Your friend, Claudia Holland

From Carol

Dear Paul and Family, Have a wonderful Xmas time, and sparkling New Year. Cheers To 2000!

Peace and Love, Carol Starkey, Member of the Macca-L Mailing List

From Amanda

Happy Christmas Paul and Heather, Mary, Stella, James, and let us not forget Alistair, Arthur and Brother Mike and all his family!

Paul etc. Enjoy your holidays, filled with Christmas carolling and present giving and warm hugs, happy memories, lots of partying and lovely togetherness.

With All My Love...Amanda C., Connecticut, USA

From Debra

MSGTo you and all of your family. Linda is in my heart and I miss her also terribly. HAPPY CHRISTMAS with the new child!

Love, Debra Hinde

From Masha

Dear Paul, Have a wonderful Holidays with your family , filled with love, peace and happy memories. And may Arthur make your celebrations even more joyful! Most of all I'm wishing you to be as happy as you're making all of us all the time and thank you for all the positive emotions you and Linda have shared with us!

May the next year be a creative one for you again !

with love, Masha from Russia :-)

From Amy

Hullo Paul,

It was lovely to see you so many times this year. You're looking good, sound fabulous and I love working classical! Wishing you and yours a joyous holiday and a peaceful New Year.

Love, Amy Titmus Florida

From Amanda

Dear Paul,

Here's wishing the most handsome Brown-Eyed Handsome Man the happiest of holiday seasons! May your days be filled with as much joy and love as you have brought me in the past year!

Peace to you and the rest of the McCartney clan :)

--Amanda Beoletto Hudson, Illinois, USA

From Doug

To the McCartney family,

Happiest of holidays to you all! I hope the new year brings you peace and good health. Cheers!

Doug Vogt

From Debbie

Dear Paul,

just wishing you a very merry Christmas, & happy and peaceful new year! Has been an exciting year, had a great time at the PETA Gala, and Run Devil Run is fantastic! Take care, sending lots of love & as always,

~peace~ Debbie from Oklahoma

From Eric

Dear Paul,

Have a great season and warm wishes to all of the family.

P.S. I love the new band!

From Nadine

Peace and joy to you and your family this holiday season. I send you warm wishes for a happy and creative 2000!

Nadine, John, Ethan & Emma Franklin, DeKalb, IL

From Jill

Happy Christmas to the McCartney family!

May this be a wonderful and beautiful time for you all, full of celebration and cider, and may all your dreams for the New Year ring true. Paul, you have given me the most beautiful gift in your music and words, and you and Linda have given this world four wonderful and amazing children. May you spend eternity inside her loving flame. -

Jill in Memphis

From Kathi and Larry

Happy Holidays, Paul!

This was a great Macca year! We were with you at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction, the Buddy Holly Birthday Party, and the PETA Gala. You bring so much enjoyment into our lives....We love you!!

With our love and best wishes for a grand year 2000, Kathi and Larry, San Diego, CA USA

From Linda H

To Paul,

Sending you and your family best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years. You are in all of our hearts and of course our thoughts always.

Season's Greetings, LindaH USA

From Mandy

Dear Paul,

I LOVE YOU! Happy Christmas, I hope you and your family are doing well.

love, Mandy

From Barbara

Have a wonderful holiday season with your wonderful family. Cherish every moment.

Barb B.

From Joao

Dear Paul,

Hope you and yours have a great Christmas and New Year's, with many more to come! Thank you for a great year with two great albums! Be happy, be cool, be Paul, and rock on!

Joao Vargas

From Samatha

To Paul and his dear family:

I wish you a very happy holidays. Have much love and warmth during this time. Say happy holidays to Heather, Mary, Stella, James, and Arthur for me. It's Arthur's first Christmas! Oh he would be so cute in a little Santa suit...hey so would you! :) Linda will look over you always, and she will bring you comfort whenever you ask.

Merry Christmas! Samantha, Brooklyn, NY

From Susan

We want to wish you a wonderful holiday season with your family. Your music has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. We enjoy the music you and Linda made on our way to school, work, etc. Please keep the wonderful lyrics coming, but take time to enjoy your family during the holidays, especially, the new precious little addition to your family.

Love and Light, Susan and Kailee, New Orleans Ladies
From Gina

Dear Paul,

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! May next year (and all those to come) bring you as much happiness as you have given me.

All my love, Gina
From Bobbi

Dear Paul

Here's hoping you and your family have a Wonderful Christmastime and a safe and happy New Year! You already gave me my Christmas present at the Peta Gala back in September.......did i say thank you? THANK YOU! Keep on making great music. We can never have enough!

Bobbi Russell
Glendale, Arizona
From Carol

Dear Paul and Family,

I hope you and your family have a simply wonderful Christmas time, especially now that there's a little guy to bring back the spirit again. You've given me endless hours of sublime joy through the years and I hope you'll be rockin' for many more years, and I'll be dancing to your music as long as I'm able!! I'm still waiting for you to make it to northern california to sing xmas carols with me and my family one of these years!!!

Carol Ferrell