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The Linda McCartney List

Welcome to the international Linda McCartney mail list!

LindaMac-L is for the discussion of Linda McCartney's interests and loves, such as animal rights, vegetarianism, and photograpy. If you think you might be interested our sibling list, MACCA-L, check out the McCartneyFAQ by Mark Tovey, and then email Cathy. As on Macca-L, no bashing is allowed on LinderMac. Repeated incidents will result in exclusion from the list.

This list is not only about Linda McCartney but it's also an extension of MACCA-L in that we will discuss subjects that tend to border off-topic on that list. I've been sensing a burst of energy to discuss other topics on Macca-L but because of online charges incurred by our some of our Macca-listers, we've had to curtail those conversations. Ergo, I would strongly advise that if you incur long distance charges for your net access then LindaMac-L isn't for you because we're going to let it rip here. <g> Here, you can safely exchange veggie recipes, talk about Linder's photos, her music, etc.

Subscription to this list is by pre-clearance only. If you wish to subscribe to the standard list (messages sent to you individually), visit

If you wish to subscribe to the digest version (messages sent to you in batches, 3 to 6 times a day) send an e-mail message to with the word subscribe in the subject line. Please add nothing else to the subject line or body of the message. To unsubscribe at any time, even for brief periods, just follow the above directions, substituting the word unsubscribe.

The address for postings to the list is NOTE: IN MOST MAIL READERS, HITTING REPLY WILL ONLY SEND YOUR MESSAGE TO THE ORIGINATOR OF THE NOTE, so you'll need to make a lindamac-list nickname in your mail program, or add the address manually to your header.

Please do *NOT* post binary files; please do not reply to a whole message without clipping out all but the important parts. We still don't want to be pigs, even veggie sausages with the bandwidth. <g>

Please visit our home page at for interesting links about Linda, Paul and our sister list, Macca-L.

Veg On!

.--Cathy Munro, your moderator

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