lindamac-l and macca-l tribute to linda continues...

photo courtesy of d northcutt and lynn harvey

linda louise eastman mccartney 1941 - 1998

" The courage she showed to fight for her causes of vegetarianism and animal welfare was unbelievable. How many women can you think of who would singlehandedly take on opponents like the meat and livestock commission, risk being laughed at, and yet succeed?" ~ Paul talking about his Lovely Linda

It has been a few hours since my sister called me and told me the terrible news about Linda's death. All the words in the world can not express how we all feel now.

this is such a devastating loss for Paul and his family. Paul and Linda had so many things that most of us wish for and dream about. I think that the most important thing they had was their true love and devotion for each other and their children. we are lucky if we can find that one true love in our lives, and that kind of love is so unimaginable. thank god that we are fortunate to have true real people like Paul and Linda to have shown us that such genuine love exists.


My prayers are not only with the McCartney family during this sorrowful time, but also with you and your friends who put so much work into the list web site -- I'm sure your efforts are not only a wonderful tribute to a very brave and generous woman, but will also be a comfort to her family in days to come.

thank you,

Linda Darling

As a Family who loves music your loss touches us deeply. Our prayers are with the McCartney Cartney Family and we pray that God grant you His Inner Peace with the knowledge that She lives with God free for earthly cares and pain.

Rick Holt and Family

just wanted to say that if it were not for this list today, I do believe I would've gone nuts, at least I had the rest of you to cry with, read your posts of tears & mop up my own at the same time. It surely is a sad day, with Lady Linda's passing made known, us here in Oklahoma were remembering the awful bombing that happened on this day as well. I thank those who make this list possible, it was a lifesaver for me today.


What can I say? I logged on to the net today and read that Linda had died? At first I thought it was a hoax, but sadly it isn't. I am in total shock!!!! Linda looked so healthy in the last pics I saw of her. I cried so hard watching the specials on Fox news and MSNBC. My heart goes out to Paul and his children. I can't begin to imagine how they feel. Linda was such a sweet, loving, and caring person. She didn't deserve this. I always thought that she would live to be old, and that she had won her battle with cancer. I only hope that Paul uses his music to console himself and does not begin to use drugs or alcohol. I really don't think he will, but you never know. I hope he remembers how Linda helped him when the Beatles broke up, when John died, when Paul's father died, etc., and keeps those consoling feelings inside himself when thinking about Linda . He certainly has a lot of good memories. She was the best thing that could have happened to him. She will be sadly missed by all. Linda, we love you. Rest in peace.

Love, Ann

I am SO saddened to hear about Linda-----being a Beatle fan, I remember when she and Paul were married. I was so impressed with her photography; I have had her book for many years. I feel so badly---what a wonderful couple they were.


I just wanted to express my sadness at Linda's passing. She was a truly wonderful woman. I have been a vegetarian for almost five months now and she and Paul have been an inspiration to me. I am praying very hard for her family. May the love she has given them see them through this difficult time.

Peace and Real Love to all of you......

"I Will Hold You For As Long As You Like.......I'll Hold You For The Rest Of My Life." Paul McCartney

As a Family who loves music your loss touches us deeply. Our prayers are with the Mc Cartney Family and we pray that God grant you His Inner Peace with the knowledge that She lives with God free for earthly cares and pain.

Rick Holt and Family

I´m just doing a pray for Linda´s soul, and I´ll do for forty days more. We all could help her to refit her soul in her new life. Knowing her love for animals, I´m so secure that such a kind of soul it will accommodate -on the "other side", easily. As animals has a minor-developed polish on soul, but a *soul* without no doubt, she was during her life enhancing her soul-profile, which is a good manner to shorted way to Heaven.

This kind of ill, affected me more close -if it´s let- because my mother died, form liver cancer too, and I know it well.

I cant to tell a pein in my heart
but..Paul need a power of our love right now.
Thanks Linda for all you make... for Paul and the world.
You know...we mess you...
Help a cancer`s hospitals
Paul wish.........
Lord, touch your hand .Paul and Kids
Peace and love
Marcia MC Basso
São Paulo/Brazil

Go Veggie
There's no more fitting tribute to Linda and her family. All you need is Love. God bless Paul, Heather, Mary, Stella and James and everyone who loves them all.

I am so sorry to loose another person of great strength and character. It seems so many are leaving us, will we have the endurance to go on? Death is so damn final.
marie hoge

First think i heard today was BBC news. Linda is no longer with us. i just don't know what to say. Really.

Please let Paul and family know that they are all in my prayers for Linda!! Hopefully....her death will serve to advance Cancer research. Maureen
I've been reading this list for well over a year now. I'm not one to post, but I really enjoy reading all your I am coming out of lurkdom to express my sincere sympathy to Paul and his family...About the time I found out about Linda's cancer, I had just lost my father of cancer, so it touched me then, as it does now...I know this will be a great lose to this group of wonderful people, you all seem so close....I just wish I could give each and everyone of you a big hug...especially my dear friend, Jean, who is on this list...I'm with you, Jean....Everyone take care.

Joyce K.

There are never adequate words for when a good person leaves this world too soon. But in their absence, I'll just add my voice to the millions around the world who are wishing peace for Linda's family, friends and fans...My heartfelt sympathies are with all of you. Linda was a good photographer, great mother and wonderful person -Bob

i feel an emptiness and complete loss with her passing. breast cancer is like a dark cloud waiting for a negative force to ignite it.

tg folk

As I sit here reading everyone's heartfelt thoughts, I struggle for my choice of words in such sadness. All I can think of is that it's 6 months ago tonight I was lucky enough to be sitting in Carnegie Hall watching SS. I remember everything about that great night and of course it all revolves around Paul, Linda & family. When Linda & Paul first took there seats the place seemed to explode with camera flash lights, myself included, as most everyone strained to get a picture. Paul and Linda, from where I sat, loved it all and played into the endless calls of their names from all directions above, below, to the right and to the left, thumbs up, peace signs, waves and other friendly hand gestures were generously being made by Paul & Linda to as many directions as they could turn to. And now such things will only live in memory and memorials. So in close I will recall the words that I remember reading as the "official" words from Paul when asked for comment on/about Derek Taylor's death to cancer.... I believe he said, "There are no words, just sadness," (and or the likes of that) and tonight for The McCartney Family I feel that those very words would be the best way to convey my thoughts on there terrible loss, "no words, just sadness." and some heartfelt sympathy to Paul, & Family. Though this was to be a brief note with-

" no words" it is my thoughts with some words on this dark day. So I will end here by saying, thank you Linda for all you did in this world, it DID make a difference to many be it a human and or animals, you were LOVED and will continue to be LOVED.

With Sympathy, Natalie

~~Nothing's gonna shake your love~~
~~Take your love away~~

~~Grow to the heavens~~
~~Now and Forever~~
~~Always came too soon~~
verses from: Little Willow

to the entire mccartney family, our hearts go out to you due to your loss of a beautiful and wonderful lovely lady, linda. you are in our thoughts. with love, d.c. du bois

My prayers go out to Paul and his family. Linda will always be in our hearts and in all the projects that she was apart of, will always fell and see her in the work that she was always fighting for. Now she can rest and watch us go forward in her fight for a better life for animals and this earth we call home.

thank you, Lorie Garcia

All of my best..wishes...just read about Linda's prayers....

Derek in the bay area...California


Not much can be said here...

I asked my girlfriend as we were going to the hospital (she hurt her thumb Saturday night, and decided to get it checked out today), when I asked her if I could just flip and hear the top-of-the-hour news on NPR at 4pm. There it was, as the top story. Those people who know me know that I'm quite stoic, and that few things bring me to tears. I just basically broke down at the news. My girlfriend just pulled over right then and had me let it all out. I still had tears when I saw the NBC and ABC broadcasts at 6:30. Like most of you, I was under the impression that she was in remission, and had gotten better.

My girlfriend knows what the kids have gone through, for her mom also has breast cancer. This news reminded her to keep things in perspective in our lives. Her and my hearts and prayers go out to Paul, Heather, Stella, Mary, James, the Eastmans, and the rest of the family.

(By the way, my gf's thumb had a chip fracture, but she's ok (hey, she drove). That's nothing compared to the pain Paul and the family are feeling now, and what the world will be missing.)


I feel very sad as there are few women I admire these days. Renewed my resolve to remain vegetarianism and to focus on serving causes I believe in. Pray for her family.


Dear McCartney Family

Our deep feelings for our Linda.
For many Brazilian, as me and my wife,
after 04/21/1990 in Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro
and in 1993 in the Pacaembu Stadium in São Paulo,
you were already of the family.

With love
Almir Corrêa Moraes and Marilis Maldonado Moraes

I had to emerge from lurk mode to say how shocked and saddened I am from hearing of Linda's sudden passing. Every album that Paul did from "McCartney" to the present (and possibly before) has been influenced by Linda. It would be neat to attempt to count all the songs written to or about her. Though she was heavily lampooned as a singer and musician, her presence in Wings and in Paul's solo band gave his music new definition. She will most likely be remembered best as a highly acclaimed photographer and advocate of vegetarianism.

It's hard to imagine which direction Paul's life and career will go after today. Time will tell. I hope in time Paul can emerge and carry on his musical legacy in her honor.

I believe that Linda's most enduring tribute will brtney.

Though Paul has written many beautiful lyrics for Linda, I think the most appropriate ones for this time are from a song that Paul sang but did not write:

There's only one thing that money can't buy
True love that will never die
All My Trials. Lord, soon be over

The river Jordan is chilly and cold
Kills the body but not the soul
All My Trials, Lord, soon be over
All My Trials, Lord, soon be over

Peace & Love


The animals cannot speak in human language, except for Koko, so I thank the magnificent Linda McCartney in their place.

Thank you, Lovely Linda, for your incredible example of anti-cruelty and non-violence regarding all sentient beings! Thank you, thank you! Perhaps by now, you may know how many animals lives you saved, and how many you spared from intense suffering due to your un-compromising stand for animal rights...for animal feelings and emotions.

The animals in heaven danced today, at Linda's arrival. The animals on Earth pray that her light of knowledge will keep burning brightly and continue to work for their freedom.

Linda was a wonderful wife, mother and professional woman. She was a true example of a truly good human being. May all of us strive to be more like her every day.

God bless Paul, the children, their animals, their charities and all sentient beings everywhere.

Love to All,

Well, what can I say??? There's just nothing to say in a situation like this one, but wish all the best wishes to Paul, Heather, Mary, Stella and James, may the good lord be with them in such a very hard time as this one they're going through!! Hope they can carry on with their good life!!!

All the wishes to all


Wanted to pass on that Linda will be missed and it's a sad day that someone so positive and giving has passed from this life and this planet. Linda is an inspiration to many....please pass on to Paul....thanks so much....Deb

Tears and sadness enveloped me upon hearing the news. Thank God for your site...It has helped me cope with the passing of a big sister I never knew. Our beatle family is can we help Paul?
Love and Peace
T. Contreras

After being a rock DJ for about thirty years, I felt like I new Linda a bit. Always wanted to thank her for sending me her great calendars year after year. Always liked and looked forward to them. MPL seemed to track me down where ever I moved and always got one to me, much to my amazement. Enjoyed Linda's photo composition, music and persona.

She will be missed greatly.

Warm regards,

Jerry Longden

I'm heartbroken and saddened by Linda's passing, not just for myself but especially for Paul and their children, I know she meant the world to them, as much as the world meant so much to her.......she will be dearly missed. (I grew up with the Beatles...Paul, George, John and Richard(Ringo)), they all meant so much to me and shaped the way I live my life today. Without the influence and support of such a loving family it would be hard for any man to carry on the way Paul has. I respect and admire all that they stand for. I just wish I could tell Paul this to him in person, he has always been my musical inspiration.

(Sorry Cathy, I know this is a question forum...but, I just had to let someone know how I feel, Linda's passing REALLY hurts.... :( )



I just located your site today after reading the news of Linda's death. Being an avid fan of Paul's, I was always thrilled that he married someone whose values and views were so near and dear to my own heart. I haven't been able to spend much time visiting your web page, but will do so.

In the meantime, I will subscribe to the e-mail information and hope there is some way that the undoubtedly millions of positive thoughts and support get through to Linda's family somehow. Thanks for providing this forum.

Connie Wallaert

I would like if you would Cathy to send my condolences to Linda's family and to Let Paul know that we (my family) are praying for them. I grew up with the Beatles and when Lin and Paul got married i was so happy for them i looked at them as a Fairy Tale Wedding couple and i admired her for always being by Paul's side no matter what other jealous people thought of her she was an inspiration to Paul's life to survive and to many others lives. May the good LORD Bless and keep him and her forever.
Her friend forever,
Mary Davis

I was devastated when I heard the news today of Linda's death.  Please send my deepest sympathy and prayers to the McCartney family.


Leslie Garcia

Our very best to the McCartney family. Santa Barbara is such a beautiful place. In loving memory.  The Colucci's of Long Beach, Ca. 

Please forward my deepest sympathies to the McCartney Family.


Jeb & Lisa Simkins

I don't know my way around this computer to well yet.. But I did want to say to you and Linda's family how truly sorry I am .. that Linda is gone ..I did not take the time to follow her interest or cause's ... And for that I am sorry.. I can tell you that whenever I read about Linda , I always thought `` that lady has her stuff together'' And she is to be admired and remembered..
Monica Mcpherson

Regrets to Paul and friends.
I always admired Linda, and she is one of the reasons I became a vegetarian 4 years ago. Pat Williams, fire captain from San Francisco Bay Area.

You will be missed.

Hello,I hope that you can forward this to Linda's family. My deepest sorrows on this such a tragic day for Paul and their children, I think I speak for everyone in the Chicago area when I say we are truly sorry for the Mc Cartney family on this day. Sincerely,

Mark Gillespie

I just wanted to express my condolences to the McCartney family on the death of Linda.  I never met Mrs. McCartney, but I have admired her work over the years, both as a photographer and activist.  I also found her marital relationship to be inspiring, lasting almost 30 years.  This is a rarity these days.  I hope it will be of some comfort to the family to know of the impact her life had on others.

With Sympathy,
J.R. Craft, Ph.D.

I am sorry you have left...for your husband and your children...but may your be blessed and comforted in your passing.  Go not in pain for your have left an vision of light!


my wife and i used linda's second book for the last year now and were fans of wings, i cannot imagine how paul feels right now but we can only send him love and condolences.

mark nelson

I heard about Linda MacCartney's death today and I had to sit down and lock my mind onto that moment.  It will be one of those "what were you doing when..." moments that I will never forget.  I wish there were some way to express my sadness to Paul and his family.

I became a vegetarian because of Linda and Paul when I learned of their regimen during their '91 tour of the states.  I have every album or CD that they have ever made.  They were great together and her passing will leave us all feeling a little less human.


I did not know where to write this, and it seems you were the closest e-mail site to send this message to Paul and his Family and friends.

How much can and will be said when a person passes away, only to state that it was to soon. We have never had a chance to say goodbye and for millions of us around the world, we never had a chance to say even hello.

Luckily she left us some great pictures, some singing with Paul and a beautiful family !!

Again, life always will go on... "She will" (From the song "I Will" of Paul)

Jean Beaudoin

It is a very sad time indeed when someone so gentle is taken from us. My heart goes out to the entire McCartney family. Linda will be sadly missed, and her memory will be cherished.

Love to all,
Carrie Grosvenor

My heartfelt condolences to the McCartney and Eastman families.

It is at times like this that I wish I was a poet or a wonderful writer who could convey how deeply saddened I am by the terrible loss of such a wonderful woman.

My words simply can not express my feelings, but I know that all of you share my sorrow, and that knowledge helps a little bit.


To Paul and his family,

My heart goes out to you. My family and I will keep you and Linda in our prayers.

Margaret Parrington

I haven't cried since december I cried. What can we say.
I feel so much for Paul & the kids, all we can do is now live Linda's dreams sorry i don't know what else to say at the moment ...


Our wishes for a speedy and pleasant journey to Linda, our thoughts and love go to her family. Thank you for the many pleasant memories.


i am beside myself...what can i say? it is late and i've been crying, reading all your lovely, touching posts. my heart goes out to everyone that loved linda, too many people to name. but most of all to paul, heather, mary, stella and james. i am the same age as james and i don't know what i would do if i lost my mother.

i am going to try to go veggie for at least a week in honor of our dear, departed friend.


robin lea

p.s. the people on my floor have been nice. i posted the sad news on my message board on my door, along with a picture of linda and paul. people have written nice things. i'm going to leave it on my board for as long as my roommate lets me.

I wanted to pass on my condolences to all who knew and loved Linda McCartney. I don't know if there is a condolences list, but I am hoping that this will find it's way to Paul and family.

We are all thinking of them, and it sounds as if Linda's last days were spent happily with her family. God bless

Jane Armstrong

Linda will be forever with Paul through their children and because of their love for each other. As difficult as it will be for Paul and his family, it is that love that will carry them through these rough times and the rest of their lives. Love equals strength and there was certainly lots of love in that family, so they must have a lot of strength to go on right now. Having experienced and shared that kind of special love will not destroy Paul but will give him solace and be a source of strength for his children. In time, when everything settles down a bit Paul will find happiness in celebrating Linda's life and we will all be here helping him do that.


our thoughts are with both the mccartney family, and you all. be strong,
love -
please pass on to sir paul and family our deepest sorrow and regrets.

there are no words other than one - love.

we know how much the family has a love for each other - and we are sure that they know of the love we have always had for paul and linda.

be strong - we are all thinking of you.....

carol and mark..........

Just no vivid words to say....
Just so sorry.
It was a great shock for me and for all.

Alexander Mramornov

This is my first posting to this group and I am sorry it has to be in such sad circumstances. I woke up to the news this morning here in Sydney Australia My condolences to Paul and his family. It is nice to be able to talk to some one about it.


There is this thing that Paul does with the music sometimes. There's five or six voices singing one of his wonderful arrangements, and we come to the end of the song, and, in time with the beat, in synch with the song, each of the voices winks off, goes out the door, one by one, until there's nothing left by silence.

Then, imagine that each of us is this little symphony that we play to the world: the self who plays to our spouse, the self we play to our children, our friends, the people we work with, the self we play to the universe if we are artists, as Linda McCartney was.

Now, consider the selves of Linda McCartney and how she played them: daughter, wife, mother, artist, wife again, mother again, musician, citizen, artist, businesswoman, cook of the house, and all the other roles we don't know about because we didn't know her personally.

So, how did she play her symphony: wife, artist, mother, citizen: first-rate. All of her selves were first-rate.

And then her symphony stopped all at once, so we did not have time to savor each of the separate selves she played to us as they left. They stopped all at once.

But we can play that song over. We can see her thriving children, her husband inspired to 29 years of love longs, her photographs of the world as only her eye could see it, her great compassion for every creature that lives on this earth, her heart and soul and artistry. We can play that song again.

After our hearts heal, we can play that song again.

carol cleveland

As so many before me, I want to express my sincerest sympathy to Paul and his family and to Linda's family on her passing.

In our grief, we need to remember how wonderful it was to have Linda with us, if only for a shortened time.

Thanks to all at Macca-l for providing a supportive atmosphere for us during this difficult time. JoyceV : )

in mourning for Paul and family but celebrating Lind's life.


I am glad they could keep it from the public so long. And I am happy it didn't come to them as the surprise it came to us. I did not know Linda, I did not even share all of her beliefs on things. Yet through Paul's music it was evident to me that this woman was an important part of Paul's life, and I began to respect and even love her, as well as I could, not actually knowing her.

When I read the first news here I couldn't believe it. There it was, so suddenly staring at me on the screen. I needed some time to handle this so I slept over the night. This morning I realised that I had considered these people as unreal, immortal even. I guess I now understand they are and were as human as I am.

Linda was the inspiration of most of Paul's post-Beatles output. It has helped me to handle my feelings on the matter to listen to the albums that have Linda's emotional input most strongly audible, FITD and FP. I can't imagine, or I actually am afraid to imagine what kind of an impact this has had on Paul. As Paul has said in songs, their love was all that they needed, and that 'as long as we're together, it'll be all right'.

I've prayed, and will pray for Paul and the family, for the same kind of strength and consolation he himself conveys in songs like Little Willow.

Jesse Keskiaho

Today I , like many others, am saddened and shocked to hear the sad news about Linda; her kindness and compassion knew no boundary, I want to say Thanks for her life, her music, her wonderful work for Animal Welfare issues and educating people about Vegetarianism.

Our heartfelt sympathy and understanding to Paul, all of her family and friends. We shall continue to support your work, your legacy will live on.

Lynda and Steve Wright, Liverpool.

Dear Macca-L and LindaMac-L friends,

i had next to no access to the Macca-L list this weekend due to server problems and was away from telly, so this morning i woke up to *The Hartford Courant*'s devastating news about the death of Lady Linda. i am utterly and completely stunned by the great loss of this great woman.

such is my shock that i find myself at a loss for apt words, even though we poets are supposed to have them at our beck and call. i thank melody for posting the beautiful poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay - i don't know how much more i can add to those thoughts at the moment.

let it suffice to say that in sharing my grief with Sir Paul, Heather, Mary, Stella, James, Linda McCartney's family, and all of you, i also share a deep sense of celebration for Linda's most creative and inspiring life. i had the honour and privilege to see Sir Paul and Lady Linda in person at the Standing Stone world premier in London, and i shall never forget Linda's ebullience, her spiritual strength, and the great love she and Paul made palpable to the world.

what is created from the raw gem of the Artist's pure soul is a diamond which illuminates the world for all of us forever. Linda, you were, and will always be, a light of inspiration for all people.

with deep and sincere sympathy to Sir Paul and his family,

alexandra burack
higganum, connecticut usa
I never thought that I had a religious bone in my body; however, I can't help but wonder if all of the wonderful things that Linda has managed to do in 56 years is precisely the reason that she has been 'taken'. Maybe she has achieved so much in her lifetime that it was time for her to go. Plus, she's done it all so well ~ she's been a daughter, wife, friend, mom, photographer, musician, animal rights activist, cook, business woman, author and more. She has loved and been loved & respected in return, by thousands of people she's never even met, no less, and has saved countless animals' lives by promoting vegetarianism. Gosh, how many of us will achieve even half as much in our lifetime?

Linda Eastman McCartney led a good, full life which she loved and lived to the fullest. While we mourn the woman who has left us, let's also rejoice that she was here and that she made such a difference to so many while she lived.


I'm not sure who will actually read this note but I hope it gets to someone who really cares about Paul and Linda McCartney and their musical as well as non-musical contributions they have made to this world.

I am deeply saddened by Linda's death and find it hard to believe. I thought she had been doing better and I prayed that her life would be spared. I know she's in a beautiful place now where animals are not killed and cancer does not exist. I looked up to Linda and Paul because of the longevity of their marriage and how they seemed to be down to earth. Paul's music both with the Beatles and as a solo artist has been such an inspiration to me. I will treasure the memories I have of seeing both Paul and Linda in concert twice in my 30 years of being alive on this planet.

Paul's music and his charity work has made this planet a better place. I hope that he does believe in God and knows that Linda is in Heaven. I know I will never understand the depth of his grief. My prayers are with him and the children. Please let him know that and that his fans young and old care about him.

Angie Bray

We condole with Paul on the loss of Linda.

We love you, Paul & Linda!

              Loginov's family & friends

When I heard the news yesterday, I knew my e-mail would be full of information and condolences for Linda. I was not able to bring myself to read any of it until this morning. Now the tears are flooding back.

It is strange how you don't often realize how much a person has touched your life until that person is gone. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. I lost my father to cancer when I was seven years old, and I know it is a difficult loss to bear.

As I attempt to go into work shortly, I will think of all of you on the list. Your love and concern expressed on this list will help me get through my day.

With heavy heart,


The terrible news stroke me last night, near midnight... it has been quite unexpected to me and I suddenly felt very very sorry.

Losing a beloved person is like a war or a famine and we all know what the presence or Linda meant to Paul and their sons.

Paul and Linda always told us about the importance of love... now is the moment to giving them the more that we can: here is my greatest, warmest and most sincere hug to Paul, his sons and all his family... with a great thought of love to Linda.

Love from Italy,

I too, wish to send my love, thoughts and prayers to the McCartney family. Paul's love of Linda has never been questioned. The first song I played today was "Cook Of The House". The only song I have with Linda on lead vocals.

Rock on, Paul.
Edward DeGraaf

Dear Paul,

We are sad for you and your kids with Linda's death. After all those years together, to still think and call Linda your "girlfriend" was a great testimony of your commitment to one another.

Paul, if you don't already know--God is good. The picture "religion" paints of Him as cruel or harsh is not accurate. I don't know of Linda's relationship with Him but I know the Lord to be loving and fair. Our prayers are that He comforts you and leads you into all truth. The Father, the Son and the Spirit haven't changed.

Grieving, as you know, is natural. We know that you and your children will make it.

Rev. Gregory Haage

I want to express my sadness, shock and condolences to Paul, James, Mary, Stella and Heather upon the death of Linda. I really don't care what anyone on the 'net says, class is something that can't be bought, and Linda, through her 56 years on earth and her marriage to Paul, was a living example of what "Class" really means.

I think that Linda should be remembered for her strong support for animal rights and vegetarianism. Also, she and Paul and given birth to four of the most well-adjusted and open-minded people I've had the pleasure of reading about. As Sir Paul emphasized, the best way to remember Linda is to support breast cancer research and animal rights. I'm a veggie also.

It must have been cold there in my shadow
To never see sunlight on your face
You were content to let Paul shine
But you never walked a step behind
So he was the one with all the glory
While you were the one with all the strain
A beautiful face to hide the pain
But we never once heard you complain

Did you ever know that you're my hero?
You're everything I wanted to be
I can fly higher than an eagle
Linda, you were the wind beneath my wings.

Thank you so much, Lady Linda

Henrietta R. Hudson

PS: Say "Hi" to John, OK

Dear Paul, James, Mary, Stella and Heather,

Linda was a great influence in my life through her photography and I admired her strong determination to draw attention to animal suffering.

It was a privilege to have known her and I will always remember that 'hug' she gave me back in 1995.

I will miss her and will be reminded of her every time I take a photo.

My wish is that you will find comfort in the fact that Linda was loved by many and the world is a better place because of her light.

Shine on Linda,

Jorie Gracen

Dear Paul,

I was in London last fall for the premiere of Standing Stone. I treasure now my memories of the two of you together watching the performance. When it was over, you closed your eyes and rested your head on her shoulder. She smiled. I felt like I witnessed a private moment, a moment that truly summed up the bond between the two of you. Then you stood up and walked to the stage. And she jumped to her feet and yelled along with all of us fans.

Even though I didn't know her, Linda was an inspiration to me. She followed her own heart and stayed true to herself and those she loved. And now, she is with all the people she loved who crossed over before her, and with all her favorite horses and dogs and cats and other animals that she loved so much. She is not alone. And neither are you.


Well, I'm finally ready with my thoughts on Linda's death. I had to wait awhile to let it sink in.

I heard the news Sunday, at about 2 o'clock in the afternoon. I turned on the radio, and had it on low volume while I read my e-mail. Ironically, I had been reading macca-l digests, but they were still from the night before, so the news hadn't hit yet. Then the top of the hour news came on, and I vaguely heard something about a "rock legend" losing his love, and they were playing "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" and I thought, "Wonder why they're playing that," so I turned it up and heard the news. I think I shrieked, and I got that kind of hysterical you get where your feelings are so overpowering that they sort of come out as half crying/half hiccuping. My gut hurt, and it kept hurting for days afterward. I didn't eat until 8 o'clock that night, and I stayed up till 10:30 AM the next morning, having taken a sick day from school. Then I woke again at around 4:00 or 4:30, and didn't eat until 11:00 that night. I feel like I lost about ten pounds those first days alone. The overpowering thought that kept running through my mind was, "If I'm going through this, what is Paul feeling?" You know, I can't think of Paul without Linda. I can't think of an interview he does where she's not mentioned, or an occasion where she's not at his side, or a concert where she isn't there. I can't and I couldn't think about it. I always thought that one day, years from now, I'd be getting my little kids ready for school, and I'd turn on one of those fluff entertainment programs where the head story would be "Paul and Linda's Big Bash, the big party they held for their fiftieth wedding anniversary." And there would be pictures of all their kids and their grandkids and their friends. And I would smile and think back to when I was I teenage Beatlemaniac, and how scary it was when she was diagnosed, but thank God she got through it, and how now I was so happy for them. But won't happen. Anytime Paul is photographed, he won't be the same, and he will never get back to normal. No more "same old Paul." We will all get on with our lives, and the list will get back to normal, and there will again be joking posts, and posts about favorite albums and songs and what chord is in this song or that song...but Paul won't get back to normal. He will always miss her, and it will hurt every second of the day for a long time. He will always feel this empty space at his side, or in his bed, and the kids will eventually move back to their residences, and get on with their jobs and their lives. And Paul, as Carla Lane said, will be alone. Sometimes he will be content in his memories but other times...maybe he'll wake up and have a momentary panic that he has forgotten her voice, or what she looked like or felt like, or how it sounded when she laughed. And it will be so hard, it must feel like his soul has been ripped out of him. Ironically, the big controversy sort of helped me. It was an easy outlet for my anger; to be angry at the press and the Santa Barbara police department...they are tangible things. You can scream at them, but you can't scream at cancer. It was easier to divert my thoughts to the debate about Geoff Baker, or my feelings about whether assisted suicide is right or wrong, or even concentrating on the evidence if it really happened. Then I didn't have to think about Linda being gone. I'm glad the controversy has died down, though, don't get me wrong. And I am no longer sure if whenever we see Paul, people will think that he assisted her suicide. I imagine that the doctor will come out and make an expanded statement, or Paul will, and we will hear the story. I wasn't surprised that Carla said Paul has been talking constantly about Linda. I'm sure he can't think about anything else. That's all I can think of to say right now, but I'd like to leave with one more thing. A long time ago, I read that, after John died, one of the mourners outside the Dakota held up a sign that said, "Christmas in Heaven." I was so moved by that I wrote a poem about it; it was several verses, so I'll just quote the last one, as best as I can remember:
"And the pain that was caused,
Remains still unforgiven,
And while it's hell here on earth,
It must be Christmas in heaven."

For those who don't understand, what that means is that, while Heaven is supposed to be a place where all happiness and joy is found, Linda must be so sweet that even the angels there are so dazzled by her, so dazzled that all of Heaven can't keep from rejoicing at her arrival.

Well, I hope this made sense, and I hope it's not too late.


Sir McCartney and family,
We would like to extend our most sincere condolences at the loss of your dear wife and mother, Linda. Please know that we lift you all in our thoughts and prayers, and ask for His blessings upon you. He blessed you to share life with her...... He gifted you with her love. We hope you will take comfort as you think of her, of the love you made and shared....yes, now through tears.......yet still the love and the joy of that love will remain unchanged. And truly, that is the only thing that really means anything. Her own life is so entwined with your those of your own, that is what makes a family; the love, the hope and dreams shared; that will never end, it will never leave you. Take good care of each other, dear hearts. Know that our family, just one of many families around the world to be sure; sends its prayers and thoughts and its love to you all.

"And now these three things remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."

1 Corinthians 13:13

Our deepest sympathy,
Wendy and family

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