our tribute to linda continues...

photo courtesy of d northcutt and lynn harvey

linda louise eastman mccartney 1941 - 1998

"As a photographer, there are few to rival her. Her photographs show an intense honesty, a rare eye for beauty.

As a mother, she was the best. We always said that all we wanted for the kids was that they would grow up to have good hearts; and they have."

I felt so sad to hear about Linda McCartney. I really admire her for her compassion for the animals and her dedication toward spreading vegetarianism. When I was heavily involved with a group called "EarthSave", I found out that Linda was donating some of the profits from her vegetarian meals to EarthSave. I remember at the time thinking how cool that was. She cared so deeply for all life on Earth. It's just such a shame that she had to leave us at such a young age. She will be missed.

I had to give a speech for ToastMasters today. With Earth day being tomorrow, I decided to talk about food choices and their effect on our environment.... a definite pro-veggie speech. I thought to myself that if my words can make even one person go veggie, that would be such a great achievement. Just imagine how much of an impact Linda had on the world through her cookbooks and frozen dinners. She is truly a great role model for us.

Lisa Corsetti

Dear Paul, James, Mary, Stella and Heather,

Linda was a great influence in my life through her photography and I admired her strong determination to draw attention to animal suffering.

It was a privilege to have known her and I will always remember that 'hug' she gave me back in 1995.

I will miss her and will be reminded of her every time I take a photo.

My wish is that you will find comfort in the fact that Linda was loved by many and the world is a better place because of her light.

Shine on Linda,

Jorie Gracen

I was just stunned by Paul's recent statement where he shared his last words to Linda.

He is just too much. Only Paul, loving, sharing, caring Paul would share with us such a personal moment.

No one would have ever blamed him if he had kept that moment to himself, yet he knows we are all mourning as well and was loving enough to share with us those moments.

If any press person hounds this man I think I'll personally go after them!!!!!!

God bless you Paul, we love you so very much and thank you for sharing with us in such a difficult time.

Chris Moore

Last night I listened to 'Another Day', cause I felt sad, and there is a tinge of the melancholy to this song, I guess his first single after the Beatles, and there was Linda's voice in the background, backing Paul up, supporting him as he went out on his own, solo. But I wanted to feel a little sadness. Then I listened to Somedays and Little Willow from FP... I heard them completely differently, I heard them thinking of Paul, of Paul perhaps knowing he might need the strength of a Willow soon. And Somedays, looking into her soul, not believing you are mine... all the words were more poignant, and deeper. They were for Linda, more than ever...
But I wanted to feel a little sad, for Paul.
I will listen to his happier songs later, this weekend maybe.

You and me together, Nothing feels so good. McCartney

Linda went back to Nature, to where we all belong.
She is there, riding through the woods in a sunny day and the bluebells are all out... And there we'll meet.

Over the years, I've often identified with Linda, both in small and larger ways: both blonde American Mom-Goddesses from the sixties, espousing both animal and humanitarian causes; both vegetarian (since '69--Vegan now, as chickens must suffer atrocious living conditions in the name of egg production, etc.); both strong, outspoken, soft-hearted women resented and even despised by other women; she and Diana (another Mom-Goddess) are the only women with whom I identified strongly enough to dream about!  I'm sure we could have been friends, and I thought to write her a letter of support so many times, but didn't have a clue as to how to go about it....At this late date, this is the least I can do! I'd like to express my deep sympathy to Paul and the children, and to say, as someone put it to Wills and Harry shortly after Diana's untimely death, at least they have been blessed to have known and be loved by this extraordinary woman!


To the McCartney Family:

~~ If there's a heaven,
surely it's where she will be.
But I'm just as sure,
heaven will now go veggie.

Thank you Linda, you made the world a better place.

With Sympathy,
Natalie Hodge

I'm new to this list, and also to Linda's, but only since a few days prior to her death. I feel God had them so strongly on my mind to pray for them in those last days together -even awakening at night thinking of them. I am continuing to pray for Paul and the kids because they need it more than ever now. I'm so touched by all I'm reading here, there and everywhere. Linda will forever shine in my heart, as a woman, a wife, a fellow-mom and as an artist that provoked me to be a camera nut. Close comfort, total peace, and real love to the remaining McCartneys.

Anita French

My favorite picture of Linda is not a well known picture at all. It is the picture that appeared on the cover of the front page of Bath, England papers on October 10, 1992. It is a picture of Paul & Linda arriving at the reception for the opening of the exhibition. It is my favorite for a personal reason rather than quality. That was the only time I met Linda. She stopped to sign my copy of her book as they left the reception. Then Paul was thanking me after he stopped to take some articles on Buddy Holly from me, and someone handed Linda some flowers. Though I am not in the picture, it was snapped as they were both looking down at me and smiling as Paul said "Are these for me?" Brilliant!" It's a picture of a very special memory.


As the news flow I just become more aware of the loss. How can we reach Paul and his family?.

Linda in Spanish means pretty. She is, Linda Louise Eastman McCartney.


My name is Dusan Apfel, born in March.30.1944 in Bratislava,Slovakia,former Czechoslovakia, where I grew up, got married and where I lived until 1986, when I escape from Czechoslovakia to Canada. In my live I have only one hobby and only one dream. My hobby is collecting everything about THE BEATLES as a group and everything as a SOLO from John, Paul, George and Ringo.

I'm normal guy, working as a superintendent in large app. building, not a rich person. Just ordinary man. Deep in my heart this guys was for me like brothers. I try pick up everything about them, buying books, records learning lyrics. melody, simply they talk to me from every song, every article in Newspapers, every concert witch I saw in TV, every movie. It's for me very hard to believe, that first John Lennon was killed and now Paul's wife died from cancer. It's hurt and is sad:-(((((

I know, somebody can say: It's life. Yes. It's true, but is very painful, when somebody who I admire and love is suddenly dead. That's really hurts.

Best wishes to all of you from
Dusan Apfel

Just a big "namaste" to Linda and Paul for the thirty years they walked together and shared their artistry with the Planet. I also hope Paul and the family will drop back to their celtic roots and take solace from nature. I'll be visiting Scotland and Wales in may and plan to do some praying in some ancient sacred sites. Will keep all the McCartneys in my prayers. WE ALL SHINE ON, LIKE THE MOON, AND THE STARS AND THE SON...it is infinite.

Matt and Peter

how do i email, snail mail, or otherwise reach mccartney or his publicist to express my sympathy over this devastating loss to the world? i'm an animal rights activist and i don't look forward to a future without linda on our side, talking the talk and walking the walk. she is irreplaceable.
beth brown

Somebody keeps quoting that bit saying that all Paul's wealth can't cure cancer and keep him from this pain. But what I was thinking today is that this hurts so much because he has such a capacity for love, which is another form of wealth, the one that's important to him, and that all his spiritual wealth couldn't keep her with him either. What makes me want to bang my head against a wall is that there *is no way* in which they did not deserve her life. He would cheerfully have given an arm or a leg for her life. Cheerfully.

And that's the only comfort, too. The love that millions of people feel for the Beatles and Paul McCartney is significantly a response to Paul's capacity for love as expressed in the music, and that capacity is still there. Also, he's surrounded by loving children because he created them--and it is great to know that he has such high quality help right now.


Some of the more recent articles dealing with Linda's death have suggested that Paul may choose to release some of the songs he and Linda were working on and perhaps some photographs from undeveloped film. I think that would be a great idea.

Most of all, I think that it is important that Paul and his family have something they feel is worthwhile and want to do. If it is something that the rest of us can share, so much the better.

I thank Paul for sharing the final words he spoke to his wife. Surely he must know that there are thousands, if not millions, of people he has never met who are nevertheless deeply affected by his loss.

Carol - Still Hopelessly Hooked on Paul

As an advocate for animal rights, I admired her work, her generosity, and her compassion. God Bless her and her family, and God bless the animals.


I was very sad when I read in the newspaper that Linda died. I want to send my best wishes to Paul and his family. Here, in Argentina, I 'll pray for the soul of Linda and a peaceful rest.


I heard the sad news on Sunday with everyone else. I must admit that my first thoughts were positive, in that such a positive life force was lent to us at all. Secondly, I thought, "How wonderful that she saw 'Standing Stone' performed, at last.."; and lastly, what a fine example of love we have in Paul and Linda's relationship (an overly analytical word in my opinion).

So, in tribute to Linda and the good work she did while here (at least physically), for the next two Saturdays, The Loop Of The Week will be dedicated to her. I prefer to think of the positive work to be done in the future, and it's in that sense that I am doing this.

"The Loop Of The Week" is an ambient, self-running loop recording, posted also as a Zipped archive for other than the Windows/95/NT platform. Opinions of the Loop have been positive, from me being told that they were used as audio mantras for meditation, to use in music therapy of sorts for terminal patients (this from a nurse in Texas). I produce the loops on an ongoing basis, and, at my EarthLight Studios page (http://www.earthlight.net/Studios) they are published for free downloading (no strings attached beyond copyrights), along with entire ambient pieces, which are also available for listening there. It is in the same spirit that artists such as Enya have expressed, in that music can be used to create peace, that this is done.

If there are others whom you think should hear of this, kindly pass on the word, or let me know to inform.

Again, my condolences.

Stephen P. Goodman
EarthLight Productions

"Be the change you want for the world."

Ghandi gave words to that sentiment. Paul and Linda exemplified it. It's so simple, but from simplicity comes strength, like the shape of a sphere; like their immortal love. Do it for Linda, or for the animals, or for humanity. For the whole world WERE we born...

Denise Crawford
Be the change you want for the world.


I found your website and haven't yet gone far on it but would like to share in both my fondness for Mac and my sorrow in the loss of his lady love ..I last saw them both in concert on June 11 1993 at Giants Stadium in East Rutheford New Jersey ,the NY leg of the New World Tour for a fantastic show and saw them leave in a helicopter heading for NYC after a triumphant performance that included some of Linda's wonderful photos on large screen...We've lost another link on the Beatle chain and a Visionary photographer, possibly the Greatest of the Rock Era ..She will truly be missed by the Earth and it's inhabitants....God Bless and peace Lovely Linda and to her family at this time   .......ps I lost my mom in 93 to Cancer and that concert was my comfort from them at the worst time in MY life ...

peace Patrick J Toner


I was extremely saddened to learn about the loss of Linda. I have spent much of the last several evenings reading all of the lovely tributes written here and elsewhere. My heart goes out to Paul and his family. Theirs was a love unparalleled and perfect. The loss is incalculable.

I've always had great admiration for Linda's commitment to animal welfare. As an avid animal lover and wildlife enthusiast, I identified with that commitment on many levels. She and Paul believed in the causes they championed and she has made a huge impact on the way we humans interact with our fellow earthlings. In a small way, I always felt a kindred spirit with Linda. The things that mattered the most to her were also important to me. I have always shared her abhorrence of cruel sports and the wearing of fur. I actively campaign for the welfare of endangered species and support the work of local animal shelters. I will be making a donation in Linda's name to one such shelter in my hometown. I know the money is desperately needed there and will be put to good use.

I will always cherish the memory of when Linda singled me out of the crowd at a concert here in Pittsburgh in 1990. I was waving a poster that said "4 Linda" on the back. It was an anti-fur poster from the Humane Society of the United States. She noticed it, pointed to me, and had me hand it to Stella (then 18), who was standing near the stage. Stella took the poster and shook my hand. She then passed it to Linda who proceeded to wave it proudly onstage throughout "Hey Jude" with the house lights up. I was overjoyed to have made a connection with her over something we both cared so deeply about.

I take comfort in knowing that she is in a pain-free place now. I'm sure she's crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" and has been joyfully reunited with dear Martha and all of the other animals that have touched her life in the past. I can't help but believe that Linda and John (and to a certain extent - Brian and Maureen as well) will watch over Paul in spirit, to inspire and guide his creative muse, and together they will not allow it to falter.

And to Paul: I hope he can take solace in the knowledge that few have ever experienced a truer, more perfect love than the one he shared with Linda.

The following is an anonymous composition that is well-known among animal welfare groups. I know Linda would have loved it and I'm sure she may have even been familiar with it:

Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that animal goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water, and sunshine and our friends are warm and comfortable. All of the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they each miss someone very special, someone who was left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; his eager body begins to quiver. Suddenly, he breaks from the group, flying over the green grass, faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into those trusting eyes, so long gone from your life, but never absent from your heart. Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together...

*Author Unknown*

For Linda,

Deborah Rusnak


I am sorry what happened to your wife.  I know how your children are feeling these days.  I lost my mother in October '97.

Better happiness for all of you.  Linda has followed the sun.

Jim Mix

I have enjoyed the many faces of Linda, as well as her meatless dinners. She and Paul both inspired me to look real hard at the situations and circumstances that we as people are creating in the world. If we choose not to listen to the message they both were speaking, about the earth, rainforests, animal rights and health then what kind of a world will be left for our children and their children. I will close with:

"Farewell Sweet Angel
It's hard to say good-bye,
We'll hold you in our hearts forever,
We'll keep your dreams alive."


I was listening to Paul's music when I heard the news and I haven't stopped listening. It hurts, but his love for her shines through. I want to remember Paul's love for Linda and the wonderful life they shared. I want to hear them when they were in a better time and place. It helps me.


I`d just like to say how wonderful it is to have you guys right now. All my Paul-fan friends are away in England and I haven't had anyone to cry with. But reading the thoughts of fellow listers have brought me the closest possible to a much-needed hug from somebody who`s as sad about Linda`s death as I am.

Thanks, everyone -- Andrea

"We don`t need anybody else to tell us what is real
Inside each one of us is Love and we know how it feels"

*~*~*In Memoriam Linda McCartney*~*~*
1941 - 1998

As Linda and Paul fans we now must join together and pray and send positive thoughts to both of them. Only love will survive this sadness we are all feeling for Paul and his family and also for ourselves.


On Thursday 23 April a mass is to be held in memory of Linda at Liverpool's Metropolitan Cathedral at 5.15 p.m. Everyone is welcome.

Candles have been lit for Linda in Brussels Cathedral, the Sacre Coeur in Paris and St. Patricks in New York.

People continue to queue to sign the Book of Condolence in Liverpool and signatures are already noted from people in NZ, France, America and others parts of the world. Her death appears to have touched the world and some good "is bound to come from her loss" as programmes about Breast Cancer are regularly on TV at the moment and she appears to be achieving her wish even in death - THAT PEOPLE BECOME MORE AWARE OF THEIR BODIES AND THIS DREADFUL ILLNESS.

Rest in peace Linda.

Jean from Liverpool

I just wish to send my condolences to Paul and Family

If I could speak to him I'd tell him that we are all thinking of him.


A cautionary tale: I played The Lovely Linda last night; I'd forgotten that the track ends with (what sounds like to me) Paul crying. Its done in an exaggerated way but it seemed all too real. However I also dug out Seaside Woman, a track I rarely play and not really a favourite of mine; I never thought there would be a day when this track would bring a tear to my eye! Actually it was quite uplifting because its a fun song and they were obviously having a good time recording it. Not a classic, but in the circumstances the warmth, humour and happiness shone through and it was comforting to be reminded of better times.


What made things worse for me when I heard of Linda's passing, was that at the same time, I was heading for the countryside just to see my girlfriend I love so, so much.

That is, while I was having one of the best times of my life, Paul was having his worst.

Since I was out of town and didn't see much TV I only heard of it on Monday, I felt so bad...


The following is an edited version of a piece from the Scottish tabloid The Daily Record. I found it touching, but I biased!

My Lament for the Lady
A lone piper plays his own private tribute to Linda McCartney. A piper who met Linda McCartney as a young boy when he played on the hit single Mull Of Kintyre played a lone lament in her memory. As the sun set on Campbeltown, the notes drifted out across Paul and Linda's beloved Mull of Kintyre. Pipe Major John Brown let his thoughts drift back to a magical summer 21 years ago. Only 16 years old he was one of the youngest members of Cambeltown's pipe band. John said yesterday: It was an exciting time for everybody, but for a young laddie it was just incredible. Paul and Linda were great with everybody. But I think Linda kept an eye out for me because I was so young. I can't believe she's gone. Linda had many talents but not many folk know she had a great sense of humour. She was always larking around making jokes and keeping everyone relaxed. When we were recording at Paul's home we didn't stop for two or three hours. Linda disappeared and returned with a wheelbarrow full of cans (of beer) for the pipers. We all let out a huge cheer. She knew I was underage so she came up to warn me: only two cans for you and then no more!

The pipe band are said to be planning their own tribute to Linda.


Dave Herman read Paul's' statement of his love for Linda. Paul is an amazing person to share that with us. Even in his immense grief he knows that we all love her.

It was beautifully done and then he played Golden Slumbers all the way to The End. I started crying all of again!

It is lovely to have a radio station that feels as strongly as I do about Paul and the guys and of course Linda.


I would just like to say that my husband and I have been inspired by all the recent coverage of Paul and Linda. We are inspired to make our marriage a witness to others of true and selfless love, as they did. We are holding each other tighter and searching for ways to slow down this hectic life long enough, every day, to show each other how much we care.

The media seems to be handling it with such care. I know I probably missed most of the coverage that was filmed for various shows. Maybe when all this has died down a bit, someone will put together a collection of the various TV tributes to this wonderful couple.

We continue to pray for this man who has touched us so with his life, his love and his music. A man we have never met.

Teach them to learn songs of joy,


Dear Sir Paul, Heather, Mary, Stella, James, and The Eastman family,

Please know that you are all in my heart for consolation and strength in the face of this ineffable loss.

In sharing my grief with you, I also share a deep sense of celebration for Lady Linda's most creative and inspiring life. I had the honour and joy to see Sir Paul and Lady Linda in person at the Standing Stone world premier at Royal Albert Hall, and I shall never forget Lady Linda's ebullience, her spiritual strength, and the great love she and Sir Paul made palpable to the world.

What is created from the raw gem of the Artist's pure soul is a diamond which illuminates the world for all of us forever. Lady Linda, you were, and will always be, a light of inspiration for all people.

With my sincere sympathy to you,

Most Respectfully yours,

Alexandra Burack
Higganum, Connecticut, USA

It has been a great comfort to read your words and expressions of sadness over this great loss.

I cried when she took him, (from me).
Now I cry 'cause she's left him.
I'm grateful to her for all that
she gave and sad that now
he suffers so.

We love you Paul.


Let It Be is on the radio.
Tears are in my eyes.
There's a hole in my heart.
But I feel a lot of love towards Paul and his family
rushing from all over the world.
Good people.


Has anybody thought of listening to "Great Day"? There is such optimism in that song, and Linda is featured so prominently. It's almost as if Linda herself is telling us that it is going to be alright.

Misty Shock

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the removers to remove.
O no, it is an ever fixd mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wand'ring barque,
Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.
Love's not time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass come;
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.

submitted by Ute

Reading the posts these last few days has been both comforting and heartbreaking. I'm so glad we have each other here on Macca-L! Linda's death is such a tragedy and my heart goes out to Paul and the children.

There are many things we can do to honor Linda's memory. As was suggested by Paul, we can "go veggie" or give to many worthy charitable organizations, but there is something else. Linda's death is a reminder that while there are many wonderful stories of those who survived cancer, others do not have a happy ending. Cancer takes the rich and poor, the young and old as we've seen. Ladies, let's make an appointment today for that yearly physical or that mammogram we've been dreading. Tell your sister, your mom, your friend that they are too important to you and you wouldn't want to lose them to this terrible disease. Early detection is the key here, so don't put it off any longer. If Linda were here, I'm sure she would agree.

Susan Kendall

I came upon your website while searching for information on the Internet about Linda McCartney. I am a lifelong fan of Paul's and as such I have to acknowledge Linda's importance to the world of music due to the inspiration she has provided for Paul over the last three decades. I mean, pretty much every love song he's written in the last thirty years--from TWO OF US to MAYBE I'M AMAZED to SOMEDAYS is basically a tribute to his love for her. Linda was also an incredibly committed animal rights activist, someone who put her money (and time and talent) where her mouth was--something rare in a business where 'good causes' are often quickly-forgotten flavors of the month. And, of course, Linda was one of the finest photographers ever to aim a camera at a rock star, as books like LINDA MCCARTNEY'S SIXTIES prove. She will be (and already is) greatly missed but the world is a little better place because of her legacy.


Now i'd like to say a couple of words from myself. For a person like me it's always hard to explain your feelings in words, especially when you have to speak a language you don't really know and talk about something that hurts too much. The more i read and hear about Linda, the more i want to be like her - just a little bit of her strength, her will, her love. i never thought that a death of someone i never knew personally would make me unable to function normally and think about anything else - i feel like one of my closest friends is gone. i spent a whole day yesterday listening to Paul tapes and crying.
Now the snow is on the ground.
Winter rose. Winter rose.
Shine your light in the air.
Winter rose. Winter rose.
Shine your light everywhere.
Linda was a very special person - there were people who disliked her, but i don't think there was someone who didn't know her as one of the most important women of the century. Unlike Yoko, she never rose such a protest among Paul and Beatles' fans - she was not like Yoko, she wasn't like anyone else in the world. She was unique.
Best Paul's love songs were inspired by her - whom else could he mean singing You are my love, you are my song, linger on,
You are my song, I am your singer.
You are my one, you are my own melody,
You are my song, I am your singer.
And of course we all know that now, when the song is sung, when day is done harmonies will linger on, and we will always remember Linda. As long as we remember Paul, as long as we remember music, as long as we can remember anything at all.
Paul's first solo album started with the song about her -
La la la la la lovely linda
with the lovely flowers in her hair
La la la la la lovely linda
with the lovely flowers in her hair
And went on so that everyone could feel - Paul is in love and he is loved -
Man we was lonely
Yes we was lonely
But now were fine all the while
i used to ride on my fast city line
Singing songs that i thought were mine alone
Now let me lie with my love for the time i am home.
Many people argued about the album - they said WHERE IS OUR PAUL? They wondered, whether he still cared about the world around - well, they were jealous.
But Paul and Linda soon proved to everyone that they love us all by their charity actions, their fight for animal's right, by every love song Paul sang to his wife and to the world around him.
The whole Flaming Pie is a wonderful lovesong - Calico Skies and Somedays, Little Willow and The Song We Were Singing - they told us about the Past, the Present and the Future.
Somedays i cry, i cry for those who fear the worst, - said Paul. Now it happened.
Nobody expected it - even those who knew that she is poorly sick. i woke up on Sunday and turned on the radio to hear 6 o'clock BBC news - that helps me to get back to reality from the slumbers. But then i thought it is a nightmare, i couldn't believe what i heard - LINDA McCARTNEY DIED. It was like thunder.
i couldn't believe it even an hour later, when i read the Macca-l messages about her death.
i couldn't believe it when everyone i met asked me whether it is true. i said IT JUST CAN'T BE TRUE!
And when i watched the news on TV i didn't believe it. i couldn't realize that she passed away. She is no longer with us. She is DEAD. i couldn't make myself say this word.
Only in the evening i felt it - Linda is gone, she is gone forever and no one will hee her anymore. Ever.
Ah, She Tastes Like Wine
Such A Human Being So Divine
Oh She Feels Like Sun
Mother Nature Look At What You're Done

Now i feel two different things at the same time. Sad, you all know why. And happy, because she WAS. She was with us, maybe not for a long time - and for a much shorter time she was with me personally, as i really got into the Beatles', and the solo Beatles' stuff at the age of 12, but she was. Now the winter has come, it eclipses the sun
That has lighted my life for sometime...
But she was - and she will always be with us. We will remember her as Lady Linda. Mrs Paul McCartney, photographer, composer, musician, vegetarian, the woman who bravely fought with cancer for three years, the person who made this world better.

That's what i wanted to say.


Losing Linda has left a deep void in my life, similar to losing John. Not only will I miss the wonderful background vocals on Paul's music, but all the good she did for little animals.
I feel helpless, after all that Paul has given me, I couldn't help save Linda. God bless him and his family.

Thanks for listening,

         Mike Brown

Oh my God, I just can't believe this...I'm crying as I type this...

Paul, be strong, my prayers are with you and your family...

Remember, we all love you

Ram on Paul.
-stephanie jowett.

A macca-friend just called me with the horrible news..as bad as it was, I am grateful to have received it from a friend rather than the tv or radio. I feel I have lost a friend, a mentor, a woman I have admired greatly for a great many years. It was her and Paul's vegetarian view that encouraged me to stay veggie all these years. It was her photos that spurned my exploration into photography. She was a strong and gifted woman, and she stood by her convictions and her husband and her family even when she was the object of much ridicule and bad-mouthing by the press and others. We have truly lost a friend. My love and sympathy to Paul and the family, and to all of you. Please consider yourselves hugged and held and cried with. I love you all.


It is a sad day for all!


I know. I loved Linda too. I was in shock when I heard the news. She was and still is one of my role models throughout high school. I am now 19 years old and in college. I know how the McCartneys are feeling right now, because I lost my grandfather 3 weeks ago and I still haven't recovered. My thoughts and prayers are with the McCartney's at this time.


The news of Linda's death is just beginning to sink in. The fact that she was a tremendous role model for me as a photojournalist and a humanitarian makes her death even more painful. It's one thing to think of her as the woman who married a musician and composer who I admire, but that the values she represented in her life had such an impact on my own life truly demonstrates that Linda was much more than the wife of a former Beatle. She was a humanitarian and activist and artist in her own right.

It's been 15 years since my Mom died of cancer, at age 55. As I approach my 50s, it becomes even more significant how short a life she and Linda lived. But very full lives, indeed.

While I interpreted much of Paul's "Flaming Pie" as a final tribute to Linda, their lives together and a celebration of love, the lyrics that come to mind today are from one of my favorite McCartney songs, "This One." Because life is short, and is so precious, we must all do our best to live every day as though it is the only one we have.

Did you ever take me in your arms Look me in the eye tell me that you do? Did I ever open up my heart, Let you look inside?

If I never did it, I was only waiting For a better moment that didn't come. There never could be a better moment Than this one, This One.

Here's to us all not waiting for a better moment that may not come. My heart goes out to the McCartney and Eastman families.

Rest, Lady Linda, we love you.

Susan Petersen, Lincoln, Nebraska USA,

I could say so little before--I was just in shock... I feel badly that I just blurted it out, but how does one say such awful news? There is no good way, no easy way... it was just a terrible shock to hear...

I wish I could tell Linda of the difference she and Paul have made.... I am a vegetarian today because of what both of them said--I sat up and listened to how she spoke against the suffering animals endure. I admire her for how hard she worked to make their lives better--I work doing rabbit rescue myself and I often drew strength from her tireless campaigning for animal rights when I was down about the cruel treatment I witness.

Words fail me... Linda left a large impression on the world, she has accomplished so much and made a difference to so many creatures, two and four-legged. Her marriage was a testament to her spirit and love too and she will live on in your children and her many admirers and those who carry on her work... go well and in peace...


I'm in shock, like everyone, and am having trouble putting my feelings into comprehensible words right now. my love & admiration for Linda grew as I learned more about her & her interests through these lists. my heart goes out to her husband, children, friends, family, & fans. the world has lost a truly wonderful lady.

I wish everyone peace & comfort at this truly sad time,


I worked today till 3:30, then took at short nap. When I got up, I checked my mail and I just can't believe it - Linda's gone. I am stunned and so sad for Paul and the kids. It seems as though Linda was such an inspiration and source of strength for everyone around her. My thoughts, prayers, tears, and hugs go to all the McCartneys. Linda will long be remembered for making a big difference in this world we live in.



To Sir Paul

Just a short note to let you know we are thinking of you. We were extremely sorry to hear of your sad loss.

With deepest sympathy,

Basil & Lisa Preuveneers

God grant you peace. Linda. Paul, you and your families are in our hearts and minds. We love you!

Gary Munn

Today here in Maryland, it is a grey and rainy day. I got up this morning, couldn't find a direction to my day, and wondered why I was feeling at such loose ends. I spent the afternoon with my family visiting grandparents, the kind of stuff you do on a lazy, rainy day. I came home and began to prepare dinner and looked up at the calendar to realize that today was the 6th anniversary of my father's death from colon/liver cancer in 1992. I went to talk to my husband about it, and that it all seemed to fit that I was so down in the dumps today. I went back to preparing my family's dinner and then my husband came in to tell me the news.

Just the other day there were the posts about Paul's wealth and being one of the richest men in Britain. While that is a wonderful accomplishment for which he should be very proud, I can't help thinking today that this is one precious thing that all his talent and all his wealth could not buy for him...the health of his loved ones.

I pray for the McCartney family, that they can find comfort in their love for one another and in their true wealth, a lifetime of memories together as a family that knew what was important. Each other. May we all take a minute to remember those that mean the most to us and take our lifetimes to let them know how loved they are.

I'm very grateful that you all are here.

Dear Friends,

I guess I just need to make contact with all of you who are also grieving Linda's death.

In November, at Carnegie Hall, Linda became a real person to me. I had the chance to meet her and experience her warmth, graciousness and kindness. I will never forget her and her love for all living things. I hope that Linda knew how much she was loved and admired, not just by those who knew her - but also by those whose lives she touched in such a special way.


I was so looking forward to the happy occasion of returning to Macca-L, but alas, what a sad time it turned out to be. I think I'm distancing myself from it and then I (foolishly) play Flaming Pie and start to cry again, or hear a song on the radio (I started crying in the car during "I Will Follow You" by Genesis, for heavens sake, when it got to the line "I'm better for the smile you give..."). And when I read Paul's statement yesterday I was sobbing by the end. It was so enormously painful to read, and yet beautiful as well.

Yet when I was getting thoroughly depressed listening to Flaming Pie, I found myself uplifted, as usual and against the odds, when it got to "Beautiful Night" -- the bittersweet lyrics and the joyful finish fit my mood in a strange and lovely way. And I can never help but smile when I hear Ringo's voice, even if I'm smiling through tears.


Nice question. I've been listening, as always, to paul's music, and everytime I hear it, I feel kind of sad. I've found another meaning to his songs, and I've heard myself singing songs out of tune, but the clue is on what those great songs say.

Take care.

Greetings from Mexico
Erandi Torres

I was deeply saddened by the death of Linda McCartney. She appeared to be a warm and sensitive human being. Who will greatly missed by her loved ones.


Though I never met Linda, I feel a genuine and painful loss at her passing. My heart goes out to Paul knowing his boundless love for this beautiful woman who defined the beauty of woman for what it should be: beauty of the heart and soul, and the love she shed on the lives she touched. My deepest sympathy to Paul, Heather, James, Mary and Stella.

"And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make".

Sherri, Cape San Blas, Florida

Paul and Linda have always been an inspiration to me; practically all of my life. And, I'm sure I'm not alone in my grief for Linda's passing. I wrote the following poem in her memory:


I never knew you
Yet I knew you well.
I admired you from a far
Although I never knew why
Until now.

At first, I admired you
Because you became a part
Of something so important to me.
You suffered through
All the trials of ignorance
And, you gave me courage.
I admired you for Your Strength.

In spite of your position
As Goddess, only to me
You managed to remain real
Kept true to you.
And to me.
I looked at you with wonder and amazement
And, "eyes that shine."
I admired you for Your Perseverance.

You held your own identity
While still remaining Mrs. McCartney.
Your photos were beautiful
An everlasting piece of you to treasure.
You had an eye for the beauty within.
I admired you for Your Beauty.

You stood up for causes in which you believed
Righted the unjusts, went "veggie!"
You inspired me to believe
That my opinions matter
I joined you in your fight for animals universal.
I admired you for Your Inspiration.

You raised a lovely family
Much the same way that Mom did me
I'd often wish that I could be that close to you
For you anchored me.
Down to earth, never a notch too high
You loved, cared for your family above all else.
Who else could have achieved what you have so nicely?
Never neglected, never unloved
Heather, Mary, Stella and James are your greatest legacy.
I admired you for Your Gentle Hand.

You married my hero,
And loved him for years
Dear Paul, I also cry your tears.
Love is sweetly sublime
And, no matter what, lasts for all time.
You will survive, though,
Through your Gentle Knight
Every song he's written over these 29 years
Has been for you;
Creating an image of you for my ears.
I envy your love, for it will last forever.
It is beyond both of you.
I admire you, Linda, for Your Love.
I always will.
Maybe someday I can visit you in your "castle in the sky."

20 April 1998

To Paul McCartney: Just a short note to offer my condolences to you and your family. Losing a loved one is very tragic, as I have just experienced this myself losing my father March 25, 1998 to the same type of cancer- liver. I have kept up with all of Linda's accomplishments through the years and from all newspaper columns and interviews I have seen of you both, she is a terrific person, mother and women. I don't believe live will get any better but as for me with my father and you with your spouse there are plenty of great memories .

Sincerely, Your would be friend and always a fan

Tim Montreuil
9 Chalmers St.
St. Cath. Ont. Canada
L2M 5C7

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