our tribute to linda continues...

photo courtesy of d northcutt and lynn harvey

linda louise eastman mccartney 1941 - 1998

"I am privileged to have been her lover for 30 years, and in all that time, except for one enforced absence, we never spent a single night apart. When people asked why, we would say - "What for?''

Our deepest sympathies to Paul, Heather, Mary, Stella, and James...

Thank God you were all able to be together when Linda left this mortal world. As Paul said, Linda can continue to guide us in our own quests for peacefulness and inner harmony. Macca-Listers and Lindamac-Listers are the best friends in the world at a time such as this...we are so grateful to have been together when this news came, and for us to have just spent such special times together with some of you in the last two weeks. :-)

Paul, we love you and are hoping you are resting and taking good care of yourself in this sad time. Linda's fine now; it's just so hard for the rest of us - especially the five of you, and the rest of Linda's family. Please take care and know how much you are thought of and loved.

Gail and Colin
("Your Nurse in Delaware," and your Founding Member #4 of the Fun Club)

I am just still so shocked and cannot get the McCartney's out of my mind. My family just doesn't understand my feelings about Linda's passing and you all on macca-l have been a great comfort to me. Thank you for being there.
With Love for Linda,

My love and prayers to Paul and the kids and the families.


I am glad they could keep it from the public so long. And I am happy it didn't come to them as the surprise it came to us. I did not know Linda, I did not even share all of her beliefs on things. Yet through Paul's music it was evident to me that this woman was an important part of Paul's life, and I began to respect and even love her, as well as I could, not actually knowing her.

When I read the first news here I couldn't believe it. There it was, so suddenly staring at me on the screen. I needed some time to handle this so I slept over the night. This morning I realised that I had considered these people as unreal, immortal even. I guess I now understand they are and were as human as I am.

Linda was the inspiration of most of Paul's post-Beatles output. It has helped me to handle my feelings on the matter to listen to the albums that have Linda's emotional input most strongly audible, FITD and FP. I can't imagine, or I actually am afraid to imagine what kind of an impact this has had on Paul. As Paul has said in songs, their love was all that they needed, and that 'as long as we're together, it'll be alright'.

I've prayed, and will pray for Paul and the family, for the same kind of strength and consolation he himself conveys in songs like Little Willow.

Jesse Keskiaho

Well........what can you say.

Let's keep Paul, Heather, James and Stella in our prayers.
Keith T. Brittain

Today I , like many others, am saddened and shocked to hear the sad news about Linda; her kindness and compassion knew no boundary, I want to say Thanks for her life, her music, her wonderful work for Animal Welfare issues and educating people about Vegetarianism.

Our heartfelt sympathy and understanding to Paul, all of her family and friends. We shall continue to support your work, your legacy will live on.

Lynda and Steve Wright, Liverpool.

So sorry you are gone so young to leave us we will miss you and your laugh, eyes and smile. my love to your family

Barbara Bush

With all of you, I mourn Lady McCartney's loss.


The terrible news stroke me last night, near midnight... it has been quite unexpected to me and I suddenly felt very very sorry.

Losing a beloved person is like a war or a famine and we all know what the presence or Linda meant to Paul and their sons.

Paul and Linda always told us about the importance of love... now is the moment to giving them the more that we can: here is my greatest, warmest and most sincere hug to Paul, his sons and all his family... with a great thought of love to Linda.

Love from Italy,

I wish to express my sympathies to the families of Linda. Paul and Linda in my opinion never allowed commercialism the talent to corrupt their creative genius.


Greetings on this sad occasion.  I just wanted to rely my condolences to Sir Paul.  I always felt that he and Linda set the finest example of married life and I'm so happy their children are happy and successful in their lives.  I will keep you all in my prayers.

thank you
Marjorie Oszman

Linda's death brought me the sorrow same as Paul has got. I am so sorry for the happening.

Tumur Lkhagvadorj

Myself, husband and friends in British Columbia, Canada would like to express our sincere condolences over the loss of Linda McCartney, a fine modern Renaissance woman of her generation. We were saddened to hear of her death over the weekend.

May her soul live on.

Lee Gallagher

During Wings' 1976 concert in Houston (the second of the tour), my friend Steven managed to get really close to the stage on the side where Linda was playing keyboards. Between songs, when things were a bit quiet, he yelled out, "Linda, we love you!" She looked in his direction, smiled and waved.

I guess we've all been saying and thinking the same thing over the last day, and I hope she's gotten smiles from it this time, too.--Mike

I feel just feel so awful and sad. My grandmother broke the news to me yesterday afternoon and I've been experiencing a state of shock ever since.

I think of Paul and the kids and what they must be going through and I'm just so sorry. I'm speechless. I know the way to love Paul and the kids is by sending money to one of Linda's charities which I shall do and to let them have their privacy to mourn in peace.

Farewell Lady Linda and may you rest in peace. You are in the hands of G-d now and your home is in the heavens. We down here, have been inspired, grateful, and moved by the way in which you lived your life. Rest in Peace...



My Heart hurts so badly for Linda, Paul and family. I'm praying for them all. It is impossible to think of them without her.


I am so upset over Linda's passing that I slept for only 3 hours last night and have not been able to sleep at all since then. I had the tv on almost all night, and it has been on all day so far today.I am not going to work tonight, because I can't face anyone there. I know I would start crying as soon as I start talking about her, and would not be able to concentrate. Thank God for all you Macca listers who know exactly how I feel. My husband and son are not being nasty, but they are not being supportive either. They just don't understand. They are not big fans. I do have one friend who does understand, so at least I do have one person I can physically talk to about my grief. I feel so bad for Paul and his kids, but especially Paul. I keep thinking to myself how utterly devastated he must be. He has lost so many loved ones in his life--his mother, father, John, other friends such as Carl Perkins, Derek Taylor, Brian Epstein, etc, etc., etc., but now he has lost his soul mate, wife, girlfriend, lover, partner, confidant, etc. He now has to sleep alone and live alone (From what I hear, all of the kids have moved out, but I could be wrong). This may sound stupid, but who will cook for him now? I was wondering--did anyone hear exactly HOW Linda died? I mean, did she die in her sleep, did she collapse, WHAT? I heard she died in Paul's arms. If this is true, this is so sad. I can't imagine someone dying in my arms, especially someone I truly loved like Paul loved his Linda. Paul and family--you have my utmost sympathy. I am just one of the millions of fans who loved this wonderful lady. I will miss her terribly.Please take comfort in knowing that so many others loved her too.
The movement you need is on your shoulder,

My mother had just arrived to celebrate my second son's first birthday. She walked over to me with a saddened look on her face, one too familiar lately as I had lost my father to cancer 3 weeks ago. She told me that Linda had died. Although not a huge fan like I am, she had a great deal of respect for Paul and Linda and she knew just how much they meant to me. I was in absolute shock. No, this cannot be happening. I had just lost my father.

My thoughts were immediately with Paul, that feeling of absolute loss, a sudden void in your life. I could only imagine Paul back at the farm without Linda. But, as is the case with my family, Paul has a very strong and close family. As was a theme with so many songs of his, Love will pull them through this. Linda lives on in them and I know that will be a great source of strength for him.

My prayers go out to Paul and the children during this time. We all will miss the Lovely Linda. I am so thankful for the time they had together, a marriage so close in an environment that often pulls two people apart. They have been an example to me in so many ways.

My hope is that the press will leave the McCartney family alone, allow them to collect themselves and grieve in peace. The death of a family member is so personal, I hope Paul can have some of the peace that I had upon losing my father.

We, will miss you dearly Lady Linda. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Rest peacefully now, and forever more.....

To Paul:

"Bend Little Willow
Wind's gonna blow you
Hard and cold tonight
Life as it happens
Nobody warns you
Willow hold on tight"

Larry Granger

I heard the news as I came downstairs to start dinner, and turned on the radio for the NPR news. It took them just a few seconds to report it, in clear, well-modulated tones. I couldn't doubt it for an instant. There was no place to hide. So I went on cooking dinner, blowing my nose from time to time, and thinking a four-letter word over and over. It felt too fast, somehow, as though we needed more time to get prepared again. Which, I realize with today's news, was wrong. If she didn't have much pain, and was horseback riding two days before, then this was better.

And today, I'm alright if I have to talk to people, because that's automatic, and you give them the info they need, you have to concentrate on them while you're doing it. But when I don't have to answer a question, then there is curtain of tears behind my eyes.

Well, we were reminded of the odds soon after the original diagnosis. But there were so many people who needed and wanted her that it seemed so insane that there was so little justice that the statistics could actually work in her case. Damn statistics.

Then I went upstairs where I could leak in peace, and scribbled for awhile, and am thinking of her family, but there isn't much *to* think, that I can think of anyhow. Just sadness to feel. When things get very bad for me, I'm used to using Paul's music to get me through, and it is my best hope that he and the children can use it to hold onto too.

not resigned not resigned

Carol Cleveland

What lovely people you all are ... the people of macca-l ...

Diane, you are so right ... but isn't it also something that the world's media respect Paul and Linda so much - ALL of them, even the paparazzi - that it brought out the best in them: the ability to show some integrity for once.

I watched the TV programme of the making of George Martin's In My Life (broadcast in the UK) last week and Goldie Hawn remarked (and please forgive me for a rough paraphrase) that the "traditional" figureheads were no longer the people the public looked up to (she particularly mentioned politicians!) - she certainly felt that the public revered and loved The Beatles.

Paul and Linda have given us an example of true love, dignity and so many of the virtues that appear to be wilting around us. My admiration of them grows and grows.

There has been much tald

I can't stand it. My heart is so heavy over the loss of Linda. Can't imagine how Paul  is doing.  Oh my, I did not hear of linda's death until sunday night. I think I was awake all night thinking of them. I have a friend in hospital this week , terminal breast ca with mets....I'd already been orn up all week when leaving her and now Linda!!! seaside woman sandy   needed to talk to someone.........  tears

William Owens Doyle

I think this is one of those events in my life where I will likely always remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard of this tragic news.

I still recall hearing of John's death and of course President Kennedy (one of the first times I ever saw my mom cry).

In this case, I was in the car w/my oldest daughter. We were enjoying a McDonald's lunch and having such a nice mother/daughter moment. When the news came on, Shannon was very concerned because of how I reacted.

It's hard for kids to see super-mom cry.

I will say this, I went home and hugged my husband and family. We take each other so for granted and these kinds of things wake us up!

So my tribute to Lin and her beautiful family is to try to remember better how blessed I truly am to have a loving family of my own.

God Bless you Paul and family!

Chris Moore

On a much sadder note, when I came home last night my friend Brian came in and broke the news to me. He said that Linda McCartney had died. I then yelled at him and told him that wasn't funny. My devotion to Paul is something very well known by my friends, but not something necessarily shared - at least not to my extent. I occasionally get teased for it, but Brian was serious. I was shocked by the news and began to tremble. I couldn't think straight. I don't know what came over me. It was the most horrible feeling. The thing is that I'm a passionate, hopeless romantic and I have an inkling of how much pain he's in. I wish I could do something to ease his hurting, but the love of his life has been taken away from him. Nobody can do anything to ease that. This just breaks my heart. I've always said that if someday, my husband will love me half as much as Paul loves Linda, I'd be the luckiest woman around. And oh, what a love they had! For now, I'm considering going veggie more seriously than ever before. I also would love to send my intentions and condolences to Paul and the children, but I've never been very good with words. Right now I'm just filled with a lot of sorrow that i don't know what to do with. I hope everyone else is doing okay. Today, I've taken the day off of school as a day of remembrance. Other than that, I don't know what else to do. I wish everyone the strength to deal with this.


i'm so sorry. All people in Germany feeling with you dear Paul and your Family.

Dimitr und Axi

This has really been hard to deal with.........my condolences to Paul, Heather, Mary, Stella, and James..and the Eastmans........you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Jean H. Missi

When I arrived at work this morning, Red Rose Speedway was already in my CD player where I left it Friday. I have been listening to it all day, and somehow it seems so appropriate - My Love, One More Kiss (let's make it one to remember, only one more kiss) and most of all Little Lamb Dragonfly.

As much as I am saddened for our loss, I can't also help but think about the way Linda has indirectly and directly affected my life. My awareness of animal rights, and to be "cosmically conscious" were because of Paul, but I am well aware that Linda was a huge influence behind his convictions. I also know that Paul has been able to be as successful a musician over the past 30 years because of Linda's support, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

I have gone from a jealous 12 year old (how dare she marry *my* Paul?) to a 41 year old woman who has nothing but admiration, respect, and affection for Lady Linda. She will be missed, and my heart is breaking for Paul, Heather, Mary, Stella, James and the rest of their family.

Perhaps Paul said it best: My heart is aching for you Little Lamb, I can help you out, but I cannot help you in.

Susan W.

There is nothing I could say that hasn't been said already. All those of you who have posted to the list - thank you! It's a great comfort to be able to share the grief with all of you. I'd like to quote two of the things you said that touched me most.

Bev said:
The agony that Paul is going through right now makes my heart ache. I shudder to think what the next picture of him will look like. The sadness in his eyes will be unbearable.

And Carol said:
But we can play that song over. We can see her thriving children, her husband inspired to 29 years of love longs, her photographs of the world as only her eye could see it, her great compassion for every creature that lives on this earth, her heart and soul and artistry. We can play that song again.

After our hearts heal, we can play that song again. Our hearts will heal - but I don't believe Paul's ever will.


The tragic loss was the first item on TV news on sunday here. They showed footage from Paul and Lin's marriage, the '89 Rotterdam show (figure of eight), a pro-animal demonstration, SS UK, 1st and 2nd Chloe-Stella show and hope of deliverance video.

I couldn't sleep tonight (only 2 hours)
Can't say no more... it's terrible
Tijl Vanbrabant

For almost two days now I have been trying to put my feelings into words. I have always had a hard time dealing with loss. Even though I was never blessed enough to meet this wonderful lady, for some reason, I always felt like I knew her.

Paul's music has helped me through some very hard times. Paul and Linda's love for each other and for their children has shown me that true love is not impossible.

Every time you saw Paul & Linda together, they were happy. It is amazing that love that strong can exist. Paul's tremendous and overwhelming love for her came out in everything he did. My heart goes out to Paul and his children in this time of need. Paul, if you're out there listening, Linda was one of the greats, and she will not be forgotten. Her memory and her work will live on. She was an inspiration to many.

I hope that the press and the fans will respect Paul's and the children's wishes and let them grieve in private. This is something that they need to do. I'm sure that Paul appreciates all of our kind wishes, but we must remember that he must be left alone with his family until he is ready to speak to us. We should not speculate as to his future projects or whether he is going to perform again. We should dedicate our energy to praying for Paul and the family in their time of need. We should not bombard him or his office with questions. We should respect his silence and his privacy until he is ready to speak about it.

Again, Paul, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

May God bless the McCartney family...


To all of those who share our love for Paul and Linda, and especially to Paul, Heather, Mary, Stella, and James....

We wrote to the list Sunday morning and mailed the following letter before downloading the Digest postings...needless to say, both of us are feeling just terrible about Linda's death. It was truly a shock to have had no knowledge that it was coming this way. If it is true that Linda and Paul were horseback riding just two days before, then it is a blessing that her last moments were spent in joy and activity. Her life seemed beautiful and blessed, and we pray that Paul and the young McCartneys will continue on in whatever ways she would have wanted. In fact, Linda can be a guiding light in whichever parts of her life each of us might identify most with.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Paul and his family at this tragic time.

Colin and Gail

I just keep thinking -

He could have anything in the world

But he would gladly give it all away

To have her back for just one day ...


My thoughts are with you

[She waved at me at that show in Milwaukee on the New World Tour when the band came out on that arm in the pouring rain - I was 4th row center]


I know that this is a very inadequate way of saying anything
She will be missed by so many people
My love to her family

Paul Jolley

My condolences to Paul and his family on the death of Linda. I was saddened to hear that she had finally lost her battle against breast cancer.

Laura Wylie

Here in Brazil all the newspapers covered Linda's death, with respect and admiration. I wonder how Paul may be feeling when he's all alone...

You know, I have this dream of going to UK and visit the places where Paul use to be, but now I feel weird to know that when it happens, I'll never have the chance to see the couple anywhere...it will not be the same thing. It's not something selfish, but it's like a dream that changed so suddenly.

I only hope that one day Paul get strong enough to compose again with a little happiness, and maybe release the sadness he will carry from now on. If he still didn't forgot John's death, imagine how it will be with Linda...

This is so sad...they don't deserve it, and I think the only positive thing is to think of the good things she's done. Oh, my, I hope Paul's eyes still keep the sweetness and brightness to go on.


Linda, wherever you may be, I want to thank you for bringing so much love into the world ~ for taking such good care of Paul for the past 30 years ~ for bringing up four beautiful children who are so much a part of you ~for taking care of the animals and being their voice ~ for all your beautiful harmonies which added so much to Paul's songs ~ for the brave dignity you showed while fighting your illness ~ for being so kind to those of us who were lucky enough to see you at Standing Stone ~ for your beautiful smile and kind eyes ~ for all of your yummy veggie recipes ~ and all of your photographs~ for being such an inspiration to me ~ and most of all, for staying true to yourself.

Thanks for sharing so much of your life with us, and for sharing Paul. You are so beautiful, and you are greatly missed.

To Paul, Heather, Mary, Stella, and James,
I pray that the grief you are feeling now will soon give way to happier memories of the life Linda shared with you - and her love will stay with you always.

Condolences to all of Linda's family and friends.
Peace be with you,
Marilyn Green

I live in Costa Rica, Central America. In my country there has been an ample demonstration of sorrow. We feel sad for Paul and at a terrible loss for Linda, a wonderful woman. I do want to be a part of your book of condolences and if there is any way I can help please count me in.

I am 31 years old, married, an attorney, I have every Beatles records and all of Paul's solo albums which I love. Ask me about a song, I know it!!. (Lack some of his singles, they're hard to come by over here).

Mauricio Vargas Barguil.

I want to express my feelings of sadness and sorrow to Paul McCartney and his children at the loss of Linda. She was a remarkable woman and a role model to many and she sure had my sympathy and admiration. I send my prayers to them and want to share my feeling with the Macca-L List 'the Love List' and like to say thanks to all of you to share our feelings to the persons we consider to be special in our lives: The McCartneys.

d was unable to express her feelings in words so she created something beautiful...


I don't know if this is the correct sight but if it is please pass on our deepest sympathies to the McCartneys we have a mutual friend named Les Paul who will be sending along his own card but when we spoke he asked me to mention that they were in his thoughts if I did decide to write this.

Thank You.

Dear Paul,

It is said that when we find someone who completes us, we have found true love. You -- the creator, the artist, always with your head in the clouds; and Linda, with her love of nature and her roots firmly planted in the earth -- seemed to bring together heaven and earth in perfect harmony. Your gift to the world is that you were willing to share that remarkable love with us, and for that we will always be grateful.

I offer my heartfelt condolences to you and your family. No words can express the sorrow I feel for you. But I truly hope that the fruits of your union -- the music, Linda's tireless work with social issues, and of course your children -- will not only provide comfort, but will also serve to keep Linda's memory alive.

All my love,

Martha Rubenstein wrote:

What keeps passing through my mind tonight is how she had "everything". A loving family, four wonderful kids, horses, a creative life, a beautiful home in gorgeous rural England, wealth, the best medical care money could buy, and Paul McCartney too. Yet in the end none of it could save her. It's just so sad...


Yes..it's incredibly sad. There is a knot in my stomach and there are tears in my eyes all day and I'm sure they'll be there for days to come..but there is a bit of comfort in a way...after all...-thankfully she had a love-filled marriage and fulfilling life and died with dignity with those she loved around her....not everyone is so blessed. No, her premature death is no blessing..but so many die alone and without love. Certainly we all wish she could have lived to grow old with Paul..and die with Paul-peacefully in their sleep at the age of 100... *sigh*

God Bless the McCartneys....they've done a wonderful job at keeping such a personal situation private...I'm glad that they waited until it was "finished" before making their announcements..that way they didn't have to fend off the curious public/press...
I pray for Paul..when I picture him alone at night without her, my heart nearly bursts in my chest.
I'm sending him all the love and prayers I can muster...

Please pass along my sincerest sympathy to all concerned especially family and friends.


Bill Wolf

I am a few days shy of my 48th birthday and grew up with the Beatles. When I learned of Linda's death, I felt a deep sadness within my soul. I haven't bought many CDs lately, so I surprised myself with my sadness and the feeling I have for Paul and his children and their extended family.  I'm sure many people are getting messages to him, but I felt a need to say something myself.  My prayers are with the family during this time.

My love to the McCartneys,


Deepest sympathy to the McCartney family. Paul stayed with Linda for almost 30 years, and that's a special thing nowadays. But Paul, you continue to make Linda and us proud, because Linda knows that life goes on, and you shouldn't stop doing what you do.

Sheena Canning

I am very shocked and deeply saddened by the passing of Linda McCartney. The impression I had been left with was that her health had improved, so It has taken me very much by surprise.

My deepest sympathy to the entire McCartney and Eastman families, my heart and thoughts are with you.

matt sondag

As I was on my way to a dr. appointment this morning, I turned on one of the talk stations to get a traffic report, and they were talking about Linda with a person who had worked on the promotion team that brought Paul to Tempe (I don't have a clue who he was). He said something that really struck me. They were talking about all the flack Paul got for having Linda in the band, and touring with him. This man said, (and I'm paraphrasing): Linda gave us Paul on tour. We would never have seen so much of him if she had not gone along. His opinion was that they were so much a unit, that Paul would not have done all the traveling that they did, if she had not been with him. There may be some truth to that.

Thank goodness that Paul and the family got to be alone to put Linda to rest. I am so glad it was done that way. I had a feeling all day Sunday that they were not in Calif., that the family was home. I'm so glad they didn't have to have 100 microphones in their faces while trying to get back home. I say "bully for them" for doing it the way they did.


As we go threw life we take steps along the way.....Linda had taken a step into our lives and put a permanent foot print on our hearts...For this I thank you for sharing yourself Linda  ...... You will be happily remembered and sadly missed..

With Deepest Sympathy

Carol Mota
Boston Ma

It truly is a sad time for the McCartney family. I always admired the way the two of them stuck together in marriage for nearly 30 years. Her passing at such a young age is truly a shame.

Rox-Anne Cox

I've been so sad since yesterday. I've always had great respect for Linda. A long, long time ago I was willing to believe that she caused the Beatles' break up, but then I got into Wings and I realized how great she was, how she and Paul were such a wonderful couple and then all kinds of stuff came out that showed that the group would have broken up anyway. She was a great role model and I'm sorry I never got to meet her. She was much too young to die and certainly the world will notice she's not around.

Marcy Tanter

I am a professional cook and I truly feel that without Linda's encouragement and strength, so many of us would continue to conform to primitive culinary standards and continue to set a table based on violence.  Through her efforts, I can boast two children who have never eaten meat nor set foot in a fast food restaurant.  I have used my training and experience, along with Linda's excellent suggestions and homey touch, to spread the word that vegetarianism has nothing to do with what you can't eat, but everything to do with being incredibly creative.  I hope that wherever she is now, she is looking down and seeing what fine work she was able to accomplish in her (too short) lifetime. I am grateful for having lived in Paul and Linda's time.






At this moment I think it best to say that Lady Linda McCartney was one of the best wives and mothers.  We all at Susquehanna University send our deepest regrets to Sir Paul.
John Siegfried

Thanks for letting me know. My husband told me yesterday when I got home - things are so crazy right now I can't even process it completely, except to feel so sad for Paul and the family and to keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

We don't even have cable in our house yet so I haven't seen any TV but picked up some papers this morning. CNN Online is reporting that she was cremated in CA and the family are back in Rye.

Please send my thoughts to everyone on the list - even though I'm not "connected" I'm thinking of them too.

Julie Murphy

"She should see the gates by morning, she should be inside by evening..." We all mellow and grow in wisdom as we age - Linda, in the beginning, would never have gathered this type of acclaim and sadness (at her passing) but the circle has come all the way back around and changed mightily. I, too, relate to the following and appreciate the sharing, though I have an ironic, rueful smile as the tears continue to pour down. The first person I called yesterday afternoon was my friend of 32 years, in Pennsylvania, who won my heart with her teenage ad in a long gone magazine - "McCartney addict..."

Susan (A. Wilson)

Indeed, Paul found a rock of love with Linda, all those many beautiful years together. But he still has his children, and other family. And friends. And friends from a distance, like us.

I understand from a posting that he and Linda recorded a couple of songs together, still unreleased. I expect them to be truly beautiful. And Paul has his music.

I expect once his grieving has peaked, awhile from now, he will find solace and meaning in new songs. Remembering his Lovely Linda, remembering here life, and his life, their life. And there is still the future, there is still life. Life is in the Living, as Oliver Wendell Holmes said. Paul will live, maybe sadly at first. We all must live while we can.

Let It Be was: for his mother Here Today: for John Put It There: for his father there will be a song/s for Linda, songs bittersweet, but of memories of love. And songs about life, and love. Subjects Paul have always written about.
May Paul be as strong as his Little Willow.


Hopefully Paul will find solace in our kind wishes. I know these next few months are going to be extremely difficult for him. He has helped me so much over the years that I wish I could help him. I hope he makes it through. I know that we are all thinking of him...

With Much Love,


I have waited so long to post anything about our loss of Linda because it is just finally sinking in. I first heard about the tragedy from my daughter Sunday evening. My reaction was, "your kidding", but I knew she wasn't. We all thought that she was past the danger, for a long time, anyway. I haven't posted anything to the list for a long time. I have to admit that I haven't been keeping up on all the posts either. My life has been incredibly busy getting my senior ready for graduation, prom and college. Linda's death has made me cherish these "busy" times with my family and thankful that you all are still here for me to grieve with. I was in denial last night and actually until about noon today when I turned on the TV news and heard the reports again. Tonight I was watching part of the MSNBC coverage and the tears came. Earlier, Martha called to check on me and I have to thank her for caring. I feel like I'm rambling here, but so many feelings are beginning to surface. My prayers are surely with Paul and the kids. Paul is going to feel so alone for a long time. I can't even imagine. I am sure he feels like he has died to, but is still here and feeling the pain that Linda will no longer have to endure. The best I can do is pray that Paul be given the strength to carry on and somehow accept Linda's death and the comfort that she will no longer have to suffer. I pray that the strong family that Linda nurtured will be a strength for each other and continue to support each other. I know they will. I will miss seeing them together and the fact that there was a celebrity marriage that was good and lasted. God be with you Lady Linda.



We love you, "for the rest of our lives". God bless you, Paul!!!!

Brazilian's fans: Afonso, Jackson e Luís Fernando.

I was too young to have experienced the Beatles at the height of their career, but I liked some of Wings' song's particularly 'Mull of Kintyre' that was a top song and a favourite of mine. 

Will you pass on my heartfelt condolences at Paul's loss. I realise he has lost someone very dear to him, perhaps more so than most who experience such a loss. My thoughts are with him and his lovely wife at this time, she will not be forgotten.

Sincerest condolences,

Anthony Lill

I was chatting with another list member tonight and inquired of her what her favorite picture of Linda was.

I thought it might be a nice celebratory thread, to celebrate her life, and get our minds off the sadness.

My favorite picture of Linda is the one where she is holding a newborn Stella, who is caught midway in a wail. Linda is wearing a ratty bathrobe and is mimicking Stella's cry.

Of course, I can't find the damn picture right now to refer you to it, but to me it shows her motherhood, so in tune with her newborn daughter...


i have just one more thing to say about paul & linda. THEY HAD CLASS!!!!!

love to all

I am shocked to hear the news of Linda's death. I thought that her cancer was in remission. My prayers and thoughts are with Paul, Heather, Mary, Stella, and James. Linda was a wonderful wife and mother and will be truly missed. I admired her family life, her photography, work for animal rights , and her singing with Paul. Most of all, I admired her for making Paul happy and helping him to get through the break-up of the Beatles. She filled his life with love and together they raised a beautiful family. She was a perfect partner for Paul. Goodbye, Lovely Linda.

I appreciate Macca-l very much right now. I know that there are many other people who share my sadness. My prayers are with Paul and his family. My mother died from Cancer on January 1, 1997. It is a very painful and difficult treatment with chemotherapy. Paul has only begun the grieving process. I'm sure that his family and friends will be there for him.

The love you take is equal to the love you make. (JPM)

Karen E.

Yes, you all read right.
I simply do not accept, I don't WANT to believe it.

I am a father to be, and I've learnt all I got to know about kids and family with my parents and with Paul and Linda -the most perfect couple I have ever known, or almost...

I'll never meet you, Linda, me Linder...I'm dying inside
maybe i'm one else more on the list of the admirers...but I'm bleeding inside.

I keep thinking on Paul, on the space left behind their bed....

How come ?

I'll never know.

I just can't think on new releases, or even listen to a song...

Linda , I'll love you forever.


Dear Paul and family,

If you are reading this.
I just wanted to write an send my condolences to you guys. It is such a shock to everyone! When I first read that the Lovely Lady Linda had passed away I was in total shock. I heard it from this "Macca-L", so at first thought it was some sort of cruel joke. It all just seamed surreal to me at the time. Then it sunk in and all I could think about was you and your family. You and Linda have been a role model for everyone, or at least for myself and other Beatle/Paul fans. You two have something that is so precious and very rare in today's world. You two have the love that stands the tests of time. If only more couples in this world would just try to work things out and not be so quick to say, okay i've had it. I want out of this relationship, we would be so much better off. I admire you and Linda for giving everyone the hope that there is still "TRUE LOVE" in this world. I really don't know what to say on this matter except that this is not goodbye, but merely a time away from your loved one, although she will always be with you in spirit. REMEMBER: You, Heather, Mary, Stella and James will all get to see Linda("my baby")/Mom, and talk with her again in Heaven.

Mary, Your mom will be smiling down upon you on your wedding day. So don't forget to give her a smile that day. And she will be with you looking over you everyday of your life wishing you the very best.

Stella, Heather, James, The same goes for you guys too. I don't know any of you or your parents personally, but I do know that your Mom loves you very much and will always support you and give you the same advise she has always given you, even though you may not know it.

Paul, Linda may be gone from you physically but her spirit will always surround you until the day you will embrace each other once again in Heaven. Let her live through you in all you do, and keep on writing those gorgeous love songs for her. SHE IS LISTENING!

Linda lives on.

Mark C. Strong

My heart goes out to the McCartney family in their time of sorrow. Linda was a wonderful, down-to-earth person who changed the world in a very substantial way. I believe she was one of the world's few worthy role models. She will be missed greatly. God Bless Paul and the kids. We will all miss her.

Erin Hostetler

For the past couple of days I've been trying to think of something profound and meaningful to say, but lovely words seem to "stick" in my throat. Perhaps because I haven't been able to understand my own feelings.  I only know that Sunday had been a rather melancholy day.  I had been thinking about my brother, Mark.  It was the 20th anniversary of his funeral.  And I was thinking about my Aunt Linda who had died after her ordeal with Leukemia.  Then I read the news about Linda McCartney's death on Macca-L (Gael's post).  The sorrow I have felt is the same as when members of my family have died. Linda was not a member of my family or even my friend, but the respect and admiration that I have for her and her family is something I feel for very few people. Linda has been, for me, a symbol of strength, love and great caring.  Despite the fact that she is married to a very famous and gifted man, she forged a path of her own.  I have found myself amazed at the news reports of her death.  Though the media has gotten a few things "wrong", the tributes they are airing are wonderful.  I hope it brings the family a sense of comfort knowing that the world now realizes all that Linda's life brought to it..something that they have known for years.  Linda's passing leaves a large hole in the lives of her family.  One that can never really be filled.  The ache and pain from her loss will seem at times unbearable for them.  But the ache does seem to lessen in time.  There will still be tears, but there will also be smiles when remembering and laughter.  Linda's time on this earth may have been short,  but oh...what she did with the life she lived.  Her life is like a bright shining star in a midnight sky.  The lives she has touched! 11 year ago, while driving home from the grocery store, I asked God for a rainbow, for my  Aunt Linda who lay dying.  The sky was dark, gray and drizzly.  There was no sun's rays to reflect on the mists of rain in the sky.  No possibility of a rainbow.  It was almost 10:00 in the morning.  My mother called me an hour later with the news that my aunt had died.  Later that afternoon, my cousin Bob, called to talk about his mom.  Then he told me something that he said I wouldn't believe...that at 10:10 he had look out the window..there was the brightest rainbow.  He said he told his mother, that she opened her eyes, looked at it, and smiled...then she closed her eyes and was gone.  One of the last memories that my cousin has of his mother, is not the pain she suffered..but the peace that came about her and the smile on her face.

I wish that  I had the gift of song, to be able to put beautiful words to melody, that could bring comfort to Paul and his family..just has his music has brought comfort to me....but I have no such gift.

I pray that God gives Paul and his children, their families and close friends a rainbow.....a sense of joy, peace, love, hope and the promise that it will be better tomorrow.

anyway, thanks for listening..

wishing you rainbows,

My condolences to Paul, Heather, Mary, Stella, James, and all of those close and personal friends who have had the pleasure to meet, socialize, work and know her. I'm not within that that circle, but I will grieve for those who are, for what she has been to those fortunate to be, and also those of us who have known the only constant in Paul's post Beatles years.

Everyone will need time to grieve their own way, but most importantly, I hope the world will let Paul and their children grieve in private...... May peace be with our "Cook of the House".... and that is all I have to say......

Mr Bob

It says:

Please send my sincere and humble condolences to the Mc Cartney family. As I don't know how to do it, I ask you my friend to do it for me.


Por favor peço q transmita minhas cinseras e humildes condolências a família McCartney Já q não sei como fazê-lo, peço a amiga q o faça por mim.

Sinceramente ...

Ivan - São Paulo - BRASIL

he light that shone from her face every time she smiled. That is what I remember of Linda.

The confidence that would exude in every appearance. Whether it was present or not.

Love. She personifies pure love. True love.

I never was given a chance to meet her, to tell her the stunning impact she had on my photography and photographic eye. Her level of photographic skill is what I strive for.

And, while my archive has been lost, hers is not. Her visions of the world around her still exist. Her moments frozen in time.

She is not gone, just waiting at the next level. But, let's not rush to catch up to her, it's the journey that makes the beauty.


Here in Los Angeles is a radio personality and author Dennis Prager who discusses societal issues on AM- 790 KABC Talk Radio. He currently has a book on the nature of happiness on the best seller lists. He leans to the right of the political spectrum but is no ideologue. I was please that yesterday he devoted his program to the state of marriage in today's society and his focus was on Paul and Linda. He was struck by their commitment to spend so much time together. His belief that a marriage is the stronger for the time spent together was for him personified by Paul and Linda. Others called in to speak for the value of time spent apart I it was agreed that there are exceptions to every rule. But for the most part Dennis held his ground that absence does not make the heart grow fonder and that there were lessons for us all in the life of Paul and Linda. That this tribute comes from the other end of the political spectrum that the McCartneys generally found themselves is testimony to the value they have brought to society beyond the importance of their art and activism.

Pat O'Connor

I just want to say that my heart is broken for Paul and the children-- and for all of us, for what we've all lost. My love goes out to everyone.


This morning I went out and bought a Weeping Willow tree. I planted it near my flower garden. While I was planting the tree, I had Flaming Pie playing on the CD player and had a cry. Afterward I felt comforted.


I am grateful for the unexpected blessing to have dinner with cathy, colin, & gail last night. at a time of great loss, such as the one with which we are all trying to cope, it is important to be able to rally around those we love & care about -- which is exactly how I feel about the people on these list. the death of linda is terribly sad, but through it all the things that are helping me are their music & all of you.

during the time I was at work yesterday, I played paul & linda's music, non-stop. I was afraid that it would make me "lose it" & break down sobbing, especially when I heard "calico skies" & "my love." to my relief, I found it all rather comforting. I had flash-backs to the happy times I had when I first heard them. I tried to see it through paul's eyes as he was writing these beautiful songs. I hoped he would eventually be able to find the same comfort I was experiencing -- because I know his grief has to be at an incomprehensible level right now.

I was reminded of the loving, happy, & stable family they'd created, a miracle itself in a too-often volatile world; of the causes they worked for, making the rest of us aware of things we might not have stopped to think about -- many of which have become our own, & for which we shall have to work in her stead. but mostly I was reminded of the deep love & respect linda & paul shared in their life together -- and from what I hear, that is where they were when she died -- sharing the last moments of her life, together.

may we all find some form of peace & understanding by listening to what they've sung!


In the words of John Lennon:

There are places I remember
All my life

Though some have changed
Some forever not for better

Some have gone
but some remain

All these places have their moments
with lovers and friends I still can recall

Some are dead and some are living
In my life I loved them all

But of all these friends and lovers
there is no one compared with you

And these memories lose their meaning
when I think of love as something new

Though I know I'll never lose affection
For the people and things that went before
I know I'll often think about them
In my life I love you more

Though I know I'll never lose affection
For the people and things that went before
I know I'll often think about them
In my life I love you more

In my life I love you more

Steve J. Rogers

I'm not sad for Linda. I'm sad because she was a bright star and is no longer here to shine. I know she's ok now. She's healthy and happy. I also believe that Paul and Linda are still together. A love such as theirs doesn't end with death. Love goes on and on.

Of course nothing anyone can say can ease the pain those who love her feel or fill the gaping hole where she had been. I know that the pain will never vanish completely, but in time, it will be less sharp. Then you can remember the happy times with fondness and you feel how lucky you are for having known her or known of her.

I didn't know Linda McCartney, but I admired her. She was a beautiful person and Paul and Linda's relationship serves as a model for me and gives me something to strive for.

I also want to add that I am going veggie. I have been more or less veggie for about a year now, but I see no reason why I can't go all the way. I'm doing it in remembrance of Linda, for animals, and for our future on this planet. It's easier than recycling!

That's about all I can say for now. Thanks, Macca-L! It's great to know so many kind and caring people are here to support each other.

Take care,

model for a wife and family. She sensibly ensured that her children had a state education in comprehensive schools. She provided a rock solid family life. At 56 she died young but lived to see the success of her daughter, Stella as a fashion designer.

Second, she was courageous in promoting the beliefs she felt so passionately about, and hers were worthwhile causes. It should be remembered that when she began to espouse vegetarianism and animal rights they were nothing like the mainstream even as they are today.

Thirty years ago Linda Eastman was regarded as the pushy American who came over to steal our 'prince of op'. If so, Paul McCartney was obviously very happy to be thieved and enjoy the happiest of marriages. That should be enough for all of us.

BTW I don't know if you saw Matt Hurwitz's post that all condolence cards etc should be send to the Fun Club and not MPL or Peasmarsh.

all the best - Richard Porter

To the McCartneys:

Please accept my sincere condolences at the loss of your wife/mother, Linda. She made quite an impact on the lives of many people, and will be missed by millions. Take care of each other during this time of grief, as I know you will, and rest assured that Linda will always be smiling down upon all of you.

Greg Johnson

l couldn't even write anything until now, so shocked l was to hear the terrible news. At first l didn't believe it, but now l know, that l have to. Linda has brought so much into my life and nothing will change it. I just want to express deep condolences to Paul and the family. Linda has left for a better life, but she'll always remain in the hearts of people she did so much for and who love her so much. Linda , thank you for what you have done, you'll always remain in the hearts of people , who love you, and all great things you did will be carried on by us. Dear Paul, let the god help you go through this grief and the memories of your wonderful Linda bring you some peace. We're all spiritually with you.


Dear Friends,

I sure hope this message will go to Linda's family,
"Our Deepest Sorrow" on such a tragic day for Paul & his children I speak for every body in the Baltimore Area....
"What Sadness" We will miss her "smile" + her "great work " for the love of "animals".....

In the end; The Love you take is equal to the Love you make.....
Go with God


I just got home from a weekend away. I can't believe this news. It still hasn't quite really sunk in. The funny thing about death is that it's usually not the person who dies who is upset; they have gone to a better place. It's the people who are left behind to live without them. Her poor kids. Her poor Paul.
I don't think i even need to say anything about what a great woman Linda was, we all know that. I have been exposed to a lot of cancer in the past couple of months, it's almost mind boggling. it seems like everyone has it. Paul has taken a lot of slack in the past for supposed "understatements" and in that spirit, since i am not in the mood to go into a long, rambling post about my feelings without getting overly worked up, i'd just like to say CANCER SUCKS.

rest in peace beautiful linda.
(and ann)


Quero enviar meus pêsames pela morte de Linda Louise Eastman McCartey Mas como não sei como.
Apelo ao amigo q o faça por mim, um simples mais fiel admirador do talento dessas 2 pessoas maravilhosas....
E q DEUS a tenha.

Ivan - Rio Claro - São Pulo - BRASIL

I'm new on this list and signed on just before Linda passed away. It really is such a sad and tragic loss for Paul and his family and I know they will appreciate our prayers and support.

I've always been a Paul fan since I was in Jr. High and believe it or not, I was in London in 1983 and early one Sunday in London I and a few friends actually had the opportunity to run into Paul on one of the back streets while he was doing some work with the BBS. There were few if any people around and we were able to just walk up and talk with him as natural as could be. I was very touched by his genuiness and approachability and he even gave me his autograph before we left.

If it weren't for the autograph (and pictures) even the English folks we met thought we were making up the story!! What a blessing!!

I must say in closing I am so very appreciative of the example Paul set by his strong family focus and I know the loss of Linda will leave an emptiness that will never be fully filled...For now and for the future, my love goes out to him and his children....

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