our tribute to linda continues...

photo courtesy of d northcutt and lynn harvey

linda louise eastman mccartney 1941 - 1998

" The tribute she would have liked best would be for people to go vegetarian, which, with the vast variety of foods available these days, is much easier than many people think. She got into the food business for one reason only, to save animals from the cruel treatment our society and traditions force upon them." ~ Paul

It's taken me a long time to put my thoughts down -- I kept thinking that I'd come up with some brilliant way of expressing how I feel, and what I'm thinking. But I haven't. Everything I tried sounded pat, and prepared, and insincere.

I first heard the news on this list -- which made it real. If it had been posted anywhere else on the internet, I probably would have put it down as a hoax. But this group of people . . . no way would anyone play a joke like that. So I knew, from the moment I read it, that it was true.

It didn't hit me right away. I was saddened, of course, but I put it out of my mind; I had friends coming over for dinner, and I carried on just fine. It was on my way to work on Monday that it really struck home. Since I was handling it well, I thought I'd put in Flaming Pie as a tribute, since it is so full of love for Linda. I was a bit shaky during Somedays, but made it through. It was Calico Skies that did me in. From the first line, I was in tears . . . the quality of his voice made it sound as though he was, too. And for the first time I really understood the closing lines . . . "I will hold you for the rest of my life, I will love you for the rest of my life." Not for the rest of her life, but for the rest of his. And I completely broke down then.

I find it difficult to explain to people why this is so hard for me. During these past two weeks, my aunt has been undergoing radical treatment for a cancer that her doctors had called terminal; she's now given a good chance of survival -- but I'm still pacing the floors with worry. Several years ago, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer; she was the same age as Linda was when she died. My parents tried to shelter my sister and myself from the worst of it, but there was no way that we couldn't be aware of at least some of what my mother was going through. But ten years later, she is still with us -- and has been declared cured. I still remember so clearly the bewilderment at my mother's illness, and the panic at the thought that I might lose her; panic for myself, of course, but especially for my father, who depends on her for so much. So when I heard that Linda was ill, it struck too close to home, and brought back so many memories . . . and a woman who I'd never really noticed very much before became so real to me. Throughout her illness, she acted with grace, and strength, and dignity -- and taking a closer look, I realized that she'd been that way since the beginning. When the whole world was either screaming at her or laughing at her, she never faltered, she always appeared patient, knowing, as if she just knew better and was waiting for the rest of us to figure it out, someday.

I am so touched by Paul's statement; that this most private of men, at the most painful moment of his life, would open himself up like that. But then I looked back and realized that he was doing what he always had done -- he was sharing Linda with the world. From the very beginning of their marriage, he's written songs about her, put her on stage, written songs about putting her on stage . . . when the world was zeroing in on him, he pushed her up to the front to take her bows. People were cruel when they first were married -- they wondered aloud what Paul saw in her. And he spent the next 30 years showing us. Linda was his treasure, and he was gracious enough to try to share her, as she shared him -- not without a bemused, amused lift of the eyebrow!

My real sorrow at this time is for the family. I was riding home from work yesterday with a friend, and we were listening to Maybe I'm Amazed. She expressed aloud how much she'd always loved that song, and when I commented how sad I found it now, I knew by her confusion that she didn't know. Which surprised me; I felt as if the whole world knew. When I told her that Linda had died, her expression was one of outrage, rather than anything else. "What?" she said. "Linda McCartney's not supposed to *die!* They're supposed to grow old together!" She is not a Beatles fan, let alone a McCartney fan, but she sounded as if she had been cheated out of something very special, very precious. I suppose in a way, she had.

Browsing through the literally tens of thousands of messages posted on AOL's condolences board (I certainly couldn't read them all), seeing the incredible reaction of people to the news of Linda's death, I realize that people did seem to hold the McCartneys' marriage as something special. Even people who weren't fans, who never even thought about them; the Beatles have a special place in the world's psyche, and Paul and Linda were a corner of grace and serenity, stability and love in an unstable world. There were messages of admiration for Linda, for her character, for her talent, for her tolerance of everyone else's craziness, for her devotion to the causes she believed in, proving that she was more than just a "Beatle wife." But mostly there was appreciation for the love that she gave Paul. Even now, people have a proprietary pride in and affection for "the boys," and are grateful to the very special woman who made Paul happy. In Paul's famous equation, the love you take is equal to the love you make. If anyone had any doubt as to how much love Paul gave the world, they have their proof of it now as the second half of the equation kicks in. He's given so much; now it's his turn to be supported by feelings of love flowing out toward him. But I can't help but feel inadequate. I'm just a fan, after all -- I've never met him, I never had the chance to meet Linda. What good can my sympathy do? Why should his children, especially, care what I think? As just one among the nameless mass of "the public" that so often made their life difficult and more painful than it had to be? So many times in my life, when I've been in pain, or distraught, or worried, I've turned to his music to give me solace, and I wish that I could give some of that back. The family is together, though, and strong, and they will carry each other through. All I can do is send good thoughts their way, and give them the privacy they desire and the respect they deserve, and have always had.

I am grateful for this list and everyone on it. It's meant a lot to hear from you all.

Love, Hazel

"Music and singing do not produce in the heart
that which is not in it."

Knowing what I have been struggling against having breast cancer myself and seeing Linda succumb to this horrible disease, makes my heart break all the more for her and her family. It makes me praise her for the courage of living, never giving up, always thinking of life and of Paul. How much more active I wish she had been able to be working in the battle against cancer. But Destiny did not give her that time. However, she chose wisely, when she saw her own weakness enter and an inevitability come forth. She did not give up. She simply kept her priorities toward love and life and family. What finer epitaph for any human being.

I hope that I may live my life and fight her battle with the same dignity and same love.

respectfully, warmly, kate hunzicker

Reading the posts these last few days has been both comforting and heartbreaking. I'm so glad we have each other here on Macca-L! Linda's death is such a tragedy and my heart goes out to Paul and the children.

There are many things we can do to honor Linda's memory. As was suggested by Paul, we can "go veggie" or give to many worthy charitable organizations, but there is something else. Linda's death is a reminder that while there are many wonderful stories of those who survived cancer, others do not have a happy ending. Cancer takes the rich and poor, the young and old as we've seen. Ladies, let's make an appointment today for that yearly physical or that mammogram we've been dreading. Tell your sister, your mom, your friend that they are too important to you and you wouldn't want to lose them to this terrible disease. Early detection is the key here, so don't put it off any longer. If Linda were here, I'm sure she would agree.

Susan kendall

I cannot even express the pain I feel for Paul McCartney. I am 13 years old and completely love The Beatles. When I was 8, my parents took me to a Paul McCartney concert and that is when my appreciation for his music began. I knew that Linda had had breast cancer, but I thought that it went away. If I had know she was as sick as she was, I would of said a little prayer for her every night during my nightly prayers. I know it is to late now, but I still do say a prayer to her every night.
The world will miss you dearly, Linda.

Mimi C.

The morning after i found out Linda had died (i found out Sunday evening - we were on holiday, and i hadn't been watching much tv), we had the long drive home. 8 hours. At first, i just couldn't even think of listening to Paul songs. Paul and Linda songs. I dug out every other tape in the entire car, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bob Marley, Stones, Doors, Janis.

After a couple of these, i just felt like i NEEDED to listen to the songs. i NEEDED to feel sad. you can't avoid it, it'll only catch up with you later. I slipped in some Paul and let the tears run over "My Love" ("don't ever ask me why, i never say goodbye to my love"), "Another Day", "Lovely Linda", "Silly Love Songs", etc. But the ones that really got me were "Maybe I'm Amazed" (that got to be played twice, full blast) and, especially, "Goodbye" (his demo for mary hopkin):

Far away my lover sings a lonely song,

And calls me to her side

When the sound of lonely drums invite me on,

I must be by her side.

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

Goodbye, my love, goodbye.


"We all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun" - JL

My heartfelt condolences to the McCartney and Eastman families.

It is at times like this that I wish I was a poet or a wonderful writer who could convey how deeply saddened I am by the terrible loss of such a wonderful woman.

My words simply can not express my feelings, but I know that all of you share my sorrow, and that knowledge helps a little bit.

Laurie Wispinski

To Paul, Heather, Mary, Stella, and James --

I've been struggling for two days with what to say and how to say it, knowing only that I had to say something. My heartfelt prayers go out to all of you. I lost my mother to cancer on September 24, 1997, and I miss her desperately each day. Nothing eases the pain, time simply moves us away from the deepest hurt until we are able to function again (although we are never the same). The love that all of you shared is truly amazing and an inspiration; may its strength carry you through the days ahead, until the light begins to break through the darkness.

Many of us looked at Linda initially as a rival -- with jealousy, because she "took" (!) "our" (!!) Paul McCartney as her husband. But soon we realized just how special this union was, because despite all obstacles it not only survived but flourished. You and Linda taught the world what it means to love and to be loved in return. And Linda taught the world that to be your own person is the greatest gift one can give to another. She inspired millions of people to look deeper into their hearts and expand their circle of compassion to include all creatures on this planet. She never wavered, she never backed down, she never gave in. She just believed, and because of her unwavering belief many were educated; many lives were changed. Millions of people around the world felt as though she were a friend; the animals have lost perhaps their best friend.

Please know that in this one person's opinion, the world is a better place because Linda McCartney gave so much of herself to all of us, and to the animals. In each of us, she will live on.

"Death is not extinguishing the light;
it is putting out the lamp because the dawn has come."

Thank you, Linda, for sharing your 56 years with us. Her light will continue to shine wherever people are carrying on for the causes in which she believed. And it will shine whenever we hear the beautiful music which she inspired, sang, and which she will continue to inspire. We will truly miss you -- until we meet again.

Virginia Beach, VA

Something very graceful happened this week, something that even the hard-core cynics at the New York Times could not ignore. Someone there printed Paul's last words to Linda as her eyes closed.

Paul has had some sleep since Linda left us all (thanks to James?), but probably not enough. So, he's underslept, and disoriented, and in pain, and has spent two years in a nightmare, and he has managed to do something so graceful that the Times notified us.

He showed us all how to say goodbye to our loved ones, and what to notice about people: kindness, and courage, and humor, the absence of whining, innocence, toughness, honesty, and that those qualities were the tip of an iceberg.

So, Paul, we hope that sometime soon you can get some sleep, and we know that you and the children will continue to take care of each other. We on this list particularly appreciated your letter, because we're all quite empathetic, and so we're exhausted for the moment (*especially* the moderators) too.

As for this crapola about where she died, she died in your arms, so what's their problem?



My wife and I would like to express our condolences to you and your family. We too feel your loss and hope that our sympathies may in some way help you accept the loss of your dear gentle Linda, who did her part in making the world a more compassionate, considerate and kinder planet. Even though she is not here with us now, she will live in our minds and hearts forever; and we shall forever be grateful for her contributions. The love you and Linda had, and the family you both created will forever sustain and nourish you. Peace to you and your family.

Owen Murphy

I am, like all of you, in shock at the death of Linda. Paul and his music have been part of my life since before birth, I am deeply saddened that he has lost someone who is so important to him. I am glad I found this list, as there is no one in my immediate family who can understand the feelings I am going through since I heard the news Sunday night.

Andi --

There is a call for squares for the Raging Light breast cancer quilts, information is available at http://www.quiltart.com . I need to write the organizer of the event to see if she is still taking blocks. I also had signed up to dress a Barbie for the "Yes, M'am!" fundraising auction at Quilt America next spring. In light of the past week's events, I believe my Barbie will be a tribute to Linda, I was thinking of perhaps making Seaside Woman.

Andi --

When your sweet Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was going through chemotherapy, so I identified with her struggle because it was my struggle, too.  I thought about her so often and prayed that she would get well. 

I became a fan of Linda's when I saw a documentary about her photography career.  She seemed to be a very loving person with a pure heart.  Her love for animals and their rights are dear to me also.

Your loss of such a beautiful wife and mother touches me profoundly.  She was truly blessed in this life, not because of wealth and priviledge, but because she was deeply loved.  My thoughts and prayers are with you now and always.



It is, and always be unbelievable she's gone...

Her smoothing voice, from Another Day, to Heaven on A Sunday,

Her strong image, from Heart of The Country to Beautiful Night...

Pictures we know she took

Foods we know she cooked

Her fight for the animals right

Her care for the kids....

Her presence -maybe I'm a man who's in a middle of something that he doesn't really understand

Never the song was so right.

That's what remains

Only love

Somebody who cares.

It'll take a while to heal and for me to get back to the songs we were singing.

Love you Linda,


The tears are drying a little now and I can bear to listen to music again, but I don't know how to express my sorrow. If I only had one millionth of Paul's eloquence and poetry ...

What can I say about this inspirational woman who cared so deeply about the planet, the animals, and the people? About the love she shared with Paul and their children, and how happy she made him (and them)? About her courage in the face of such a terrible illness? About the kindness and concern she showed for all living creatures? About the dignity with which she rose above those who mocked her and her beliefs?

Perhaps the best tribute I personally can give her is to say that Linda is the person who made me a vegetarian seven years ago.

I send my love and support to her family and friends.

London Town

I truly enjoyed this tribute page to Linda. I was on my way to work when I heard abut her passing. I am deeply sorry for Paul and the kids and I appreciate this opportunity to express my sadness. Some of my fondest childhood memories are listening to my dad's "Ram" album and singing "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" with my brother. The love that Paul and Linda had for each other was so apparent that my husband and I used the as role models for what we want to be like in the future. Thanks again for creating this tribute to a woman who will be missed deeply.

R. Law

Getting back to talking about Linda and related things...

Cancer can be incredibly cruel. I recently lost an 18-year-old nephew to cancer. At one time, Michael was an athlete. Loved baseball. Was in Little League and a year or so beyond that. It's so unfair that people with such positive contributions like Mike and Linda have left this Earth too soon. Michael stayed with our family a lot...he was the big brother my son didn't have. Damn unfair.

If Linda did anything for me, it was to introduce me to vegetarian food. I'm not a full-blown vegetarian (don't know if I ever will be), but I do eat it fairly regularly. I have yet to get my wife and one close friend to try it, but I figure they will in time. But that's what I can think Linda for...for making me see that vegetarian food isn't the scary thing I once thought it would be.


24 April 1998

Dear Paul and Linda:

It is Friday morning, the sun is about to rise, one week has passed.................

This morning in the misty light of dawn, I planted bluebells in my garden, next to a beautiful Standing Stone, and sprinkled them with Cavern dust and A Leaf from cavendish and watered them with my tears.

The sky in upstate New York is grey, but, Lovely Linda, I know where you are, as you ride your Appaloosa stallion, the sky is blue and the bluebells are already in bloom.

Paul, you told me that you and Linda were very lucky to have found each other, but the entire world is lucky to be graced by Linda's presence. Your smiles, your love for all beings, your compassion is a true inspiration to us all. How wonderful it should make you feel to know that so many souls can live on in peace due to your influence of so many people to "Go Veggie" and spread compassion to all living souls.

Linda, I miss you terribly, my heart aches, and my tears go on and on......

With much much love

You will be forever with me in my heart and a part of my soul


My 7 year old daughter Caitlin wanted to send a message to Paul and his children - I hope the list doesn't mind.

Dear Paul and your children,

I was sad that Linda died and I loved her because she loved animals and nature and she was friendly and that stuff. I really liked her. I hope Linda can see my dogs Blackie and Dolly in heaven. I think Linda will love all the animals there.

Caitlin Coyle

It's been such a long week. On Saturday I went to a workshop in Westchester County and strangely enough Linda was on my mind. I was thinking that this was where she spent her childhood and thought about how familiar the roads I was travelling had been to her. I had my usual repertoire of Paul tapes and played them all the way down and back from the heart of the country in northeastern CT. - then the news on Sunday, the tributes, the love and support, Paul's message, the "investigation", hundreds of e-mails etc. etc.

Today I finally had an afternoon off and decided to celebrate Linda's life. The song Bluebird has been going through my mind the entire week. I played it and started to organize all my old clippings of Paul and Linda - from the marriage, through Wings and drug busts and up until today. I then started on the old videos. I have a strange habit of watching these videos and only focusing on Paul.. Today I focused on Linda and it really helped to see her joy, her smile, her loyalty and devotion.

Did anyone see that MPL is looking for Wings footage for their archives? It must be for Mary's project. I imagine this would be a VERY difficult anthology to assemble at this point. I was thinking that maybe when we do the tape tree we can also assemble past Linda footage in tribute. My next task is to look at old interviews. It's like spending time with a dear friend and is helping. I can imagine Paul and his kids reminiscing these days and holding onto the precious memories. I'm so glad to have Macca-l and Linda-Mac-l to keep the memories alive.

On another note, my doctor just called with results of my bloodwork. Since I've gone veggie, my cholesterol has gone down significantly and everything else was great too, Thanks Linda!!


Last evening I attended a service at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool. The Service was dedicated to the memory of Linda McCartney.

Some of those in attendance included the Lady Mayoress of Liverpool, Syd Bernstein and Henry Epstein (nephew of Brian) and Joe Flannery who organised the Service.

It was a very moving affair and Linda's name was mentioned throughout. The Service ended by the congregation being asked to think about Paul and his children and to grant them the strength to carry on despite their very sad loss.

Myself and some friends left single white roses at the altar in memory of Linda.

Jean from Liverpool

I've lurked since the news broke about the passing of Linda. This is mainly because I just didn't know what to say. I knew what I felt but putting it into words was difficult.

Paul knows that we are here and we will never desert him. The loss of Linda will be hard to bear but she will never be far away, love is just a smile away and he knows that all too well. Her smile was like a radiant light which is now extinguished but she will live on in our hearts and we, like Paul, will never forget her. The love they shared for almost 30 years is now stronger than ever and truly is the greatest romance of this century.

This truly compassionate woman has gone from our lives but we must celebrate that life - she left us with so much to remember her by.

My sincere condolences to Paul, Heather, Mary, Stella and James - be strong for each other and be safe in the knowledge that Linda was loved more than you will ever know.

Shine on across the universe Linda - your work carries on.

Rest in peace
Jean from Liverpool

Paul, Heather, Mary, Stella, James

I am so sorry that your loved one lost her battle. 
I am pleased that she was able to be put to rest without all the hoopla that the press wants so badly to print.
She will be greatly missed by all family & fans alike.
Sorry that you lost your soul-mate, Paul.
Hang in there, one & all.
She's smiling down from heaven.


After a week of being able to absorb the fact that Linda has passed away, I think I have found the words to express my feelings.

I first heard the news from the list. I didn't want to believe it was true--so I turned on the TV and there it was. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. I could not believe that this wonderful 'Lady' had lost her battle. I was shocked. I felt like I had lost a member of my family. Then I started thinking about Paul and their beautiful children. My God, what they must be going through when I, a total stranger, felt heart-broken. My heart goes out to Paul, Heather, Mary, Stella and James. I hope they can find the strength to get through this horrible time in their lives.

Linda was, and will always be, an inspiration to many. Her work will live on forever.

Rest In Peace Lady Linda,

Linda remains our friend. Last Sunday, before I actually learned of her passing, I felt a loving female spirit with me. I didn't know exactly who it was. I tried to reason it was my mother, who died 25 years ago, but it didn't quite fit. This felt like a person who just died. Then I learned the news about Linda later that evening.

I admired Linda as a free-spirit, as a talented photographer and as a devoted wife and mother. Her influence will remain with me for the rest of my life.


Dear Paul, Heather, Mary, Stella and James,

I'm so sorry Linda passed on too soon. However, you're still blessed. I don't know you personally, but it appeared like you had lots of wonderful years with her. She was gifted in many ways, including her skills as a photographer, compassion for living things, and holding your family together in fame's relentless glare. I've been a fan of yours since I was a teenager in the 1970s. The thought of your artistic, free-spirited family living close-knit in UK's lush countryside always has been an inspiration to me.

A photo showing Linda's simple gold wedding band on the inside cover of the "McCartney" album influenced the sort of band I wear. Despite all your riches, she wore a plain band which signified your love, not your money. At 19, tired of my materialistic parents who fought constantly, I thought that was a great sentiment. Today at 38, I wear a simple gold wedding band, the same as Linda's.

May God bless you.
Phyllis Zimmerman

Caro Paul

Siamo tuoi fans da sempre e in questo momento lo siamo di pił. Abbiamo seguito il tuo percorso artistico sin dal 1964 e da quel momento ti abbiamo sempre ascoltato. Ci consideriamo, in un certo senso, parte della tua famiglia. Ti auguriamo di superare questa prova dura che la vita ti ha riservato e che dio ti ha chiesto.

con amicizia


Andrea, Annamaria e Nicola

[translation] [Beloved Paul We are yours fans from always and in this moment it we are more. We have followed your artistic distance sin from 1964 and from that moment we have always listened you. We consider ourselves, in a sure sense, part of your family. We augur you to exceed this hard test that the life has to you classified and that God has asked to you. with friendship]

To Paul, Heather, Mary, Stella, and James,

My heart goes out to you for your loss. I wish I had words that could help ease your pain.

Please know that Linda made a difference in the lives of millions she never even met. She touched my life and I am a better person because of it. I will always treasure what I learned from her.

The world became a better place because she was here.

Sending you love and wishing you peace,



Remember me when I am gone away,
Gone far away into the silent land;
When you can no more hold me by the hand,
Nor I half turn to go yet turning stay.
Remember me when no more day by day
You tell me of our future that you planned:
Only remember me; you understand
It will be late to counsel then or pray.
Yet if you should forget me for awhile
And afterwards remember, do not grieve:
For if the darkness and corruption leave
A vestige of the thoughts that once I had,
Better by far you should forget and smile
Than that you should remember and be sad.

by Christina Rossetti 1830-1994

submitted by terry beaman

A Tribute

A collection of moments - beautiful, painful, chaotic, peaceful; sometimes incredible , sometimes touching and changing me forever. These fleeting moments define my life -

a living collage colored by moods and feelings- always changing and growing,
held together by musical threads - the soundtracks of my existence . Many words, many voices - some shone brightly, illuminating my senses.

I have followed these minstrels,
gathering eagerly the wisdom from their words-
collecting many and keeping them as my own truths.
In the midst of the music, gradually, gently, her presence emerged- the beauty and wisdom of the Minstrel's muse. Guinevere in a world far-removed from Camelot - a personification of grace, beauty, honesty, loyalty. The quiet strength, kindness and compassion fanned a flame in my own soul - her passions and convictions inspired a more humane and spiritual path. In my tapestry of moments, there are some that bear her footprints- dancing always to the music of the love they made.

Many moments.
Some incredible -
some changing my life forever.

(Thank you--
--Deborah )


for P.M.

There is no map
That leads to this place,
And none that leads away.
You find yourself here
After a storm so wild and deep
It seems to have gone on
Your whole life.

Nothing but an empty shore,
And a sea so wide,
And a single plank of wood
That will never make a boat.

A million seabirds
And none of them
Speak your language.
It seems they are laughing --
Laughing --
They all have wings
And they know the way

Gael McGear Sweeney

I can't believe Linda is gone. I loved her too.


Linda McCartney has always had a special place in my heart, She has always seemed to me, the kind of person that I wanted to become. Kind, Beautiful, Generous, Strong, all the attributes that a person could aspire to. I have admired her courage even more over the last couple of years, her fight with cancer, which has taken all to many great women (including my grandmother) seemed to me the ultimate example of how strength of heart can beat life's hardships. When I heard of the news Sunday that she had passed on, I felt like a ray of sunshine had suddenly left the world. But I know, that the life and legacy she left behind will always be with us - even in death Linda McCartney has been an inspiration to me. She has taught me how important it is to live and love to the fullest in the time that we are allowed. I know that Linda McCartney did that while she was here on earth and that makes her an even greater inspiration to me.

Friday, I went to a special place with 2 white roses - one for my grandmother and one for Linda. I said a prayer for Paul and the kids and for all of you.....

My heart aches for Paul, Heather, Stella, Mary and James, but I know that Linda is watching over them from a beautiful, sunny place.

Thanks for letting me share!

Wendi W.

Whenever I have been asked whom I admire most for their works & beliefs, my answer, without hesitation, has always been Linda and Paul McCartney.

At the age of 11, in 1964, I discovered the magical world of the Beatles, and have cherished the music and enlightenment they have brought to all of us ever since.

One beautiful morning, in 1969, at the age of 16, my best friend Kathy and I decided to go to Central Park, first stopping off at a pet shop in Manhattan. I saw a rabbit there that I instantly fell in love with, bought it, and took it with us. We were walking in a deserted area on the west side of the park when we noticed a couple walking arm in arm approaching us. As they came closer, I recognized them as Linda and Paul. We were thrilled, of course, but had no intention of bothering them. However, they began to walk toward us! We could hear them both saying, "Oh, look, a rabbit!" They came over to us, said hi, and immediately began asking us about our fluffy critter. Linda asked, "Did you just buy this rabbit? We just saw one that looks like it in a pet store we just visited." I told her that indeed it was the same rabbit. They each asked if they could hold it, and took turns petting and fussing over it. Paul, very kindly and with concern, asked me if I knew what to feed it...Linda jumped in, saying, "Of course she knows," as though she thought we might be offended! Paul then told us to make sure to give it grain along with vegetables, and we all talked for several minutes about animals until they had to move on, as a crowd had begun to swarm around them.

From that day on we have cherished the memory of that meeting. What impressed us most was their friendliness towards us (total strangers) and their obvious love and concern for all animals.

I went on to get a degree in biology, and have been a vegetarian for 30 years. I was a humane society director for several years, and often became despondent with all the suffering I witnessed. Knowing that there were enlightened souls such as Paul and Linda on this planet--visionaries, free spirits, possessing a heightened state of awareness, fighting to help alleviate some of the cruelty--helped me to carry on. I am presently a biologist/naturalist...when I present programs on nature and ecology, and lead people on nature hikes, I will often think of Linda and Paul, and their love of nature and the creatures that share the earth with us.

How rare and inspiring a love such as theirs is...to share 30 years with one's ultimate soul mate is a priceless gift...still, we are devastated and heartbroken, wishing she could have remained with Paul and her family, and with all of us, for much longer. They will all be together again, someday. Until then, she will guide us all, and be our inspiration to continue the work that meant so much to her.

I have just planted a beautiful Alberta Spruce in memory of Linda. I will watch it grow as it keeps her memory alive within me, and symbolizes her love of all living things.

It is tremendously heartwarming to see the outpouring of affection and expressions of sorrow from all over the world in response to this heartbreaking and untimely loss.

As the good Wizard said to the Tin Man, "Remember...a heart is not judged by how much it loves, but by how much it is loved by others."

To Paul, Heather, James, Stella, and Mary...our hearts and prayers are with you always.

Good-bye Linda...may you walk in fields of gold surrounded by loving creatures of all types, while you wait for those you love here on earth to join you.

Indiana, USA

How little we know of that will happen just one day into the future! It never occurred to me to unsub from the Linda list for the week, since it's activity had been slow. I've returned home to a very full mailbox, but I'm so happy to be able to read all of the posts. I learned of Linda's death Sunday afternoon while visiting my parents who were vacationing at St. Simon's Island, Georgia. The reporter on CNN said, "Linda McCartney, dead at 56" and I stood there in total disbelief. It was very hard to be away from all my "Paul and Linda friends" during this time of grief. I felt as though I'd lost a close friend, and perhaps that in itself says a lot about how Linda has touched all of our lives. She, Paul and the family will remain in my thoughts and prayers.


Only Love Remains..
And in the end..the love you take is equal to the love you make.. All You Need is Love...
how poignant these words are...especially at this time.
Linda McCartney has inspired me and continues to inspire me. I have a great deal of love and admiration for her and Paul and their kids as well.
They will all remain in my thoughts and prayers forever. I wish them strength in their struggle to live with their grief at their loss of the Lovely Lady Linda. I believe SHE will be their strength even in these days. I repeat my first phrase...Only Love Remains. Love is always what we need.
God Bless you, Linda McCartney.

"Martha" Rose Dianese

I decided to wait until a full week had passed since finding out the news before sharing my thoughts on Linda (hopefully I'll get it in just before the buzzer. I found out from a news promo during my favorite show, The Simpsons (unfortunately). For the first few days, I simply couldn't put anything into words. Then I spent the last few days compiling all my thoughts and feelings for the week and cramming them into a 9 KB file. They included the stages of emotion I've gone through this week (shock, sadness, anger, etc.), how I still haven't quite come to terms with the finality of the whole thing, how I agree about the change in meaning of some of Paul's lyrics now, the media coverage (some laudable, some laughable - typical), and how we've seen some of the best of the list this week (I loved the Geoff thing - a great debate - this is a discussion list after all). So I did some massive snipping and I'll just post the parts that focus solely on Linda and my remembrance of her...
Growing up, I always had the image in my mind of Linda as the Beatle wife that people made fun of (like Yoko). It's hard to shake an image like that when you've had it your whole life. But about a year ago, I became more interested in what she said and did. I thought more about things I had in common with her, like where we're from and our love of animals - things I would've liked to talk with her about. Most importantly, I finally realized how much Paul loves her. Things really changed when I saw her at Carnegie in November. She became a completely different person to me than the woman I'd seen glimpses of here and there. For the first time, I saw her primarily as a loving and loved wife and mother. Paul speaks about how positive she was. My strongest memories of Standing Stone are of Linda smiling and waving to everyone there. I'll never forget when I was able to wave directly to her and give her a thumbs-up and see her wave right back. I'm so glad about that now. I also remember when Stella was visibly upset over the people eyeing her with binoculars. When Paul went to the stage and Stella took Paul's seat next to Linda, she was apparently expressing her anger to Linda. Linda, though, kept the smile on her face and held Stella's hand. She didn't let it get to her. I never saw the smile leave Linda's face the whole night.
Many people have acknowledged that they probably would not have become vegetarians if not for Paul and Linda. I'm among them. I'd had friends who were vegetarian, but I could never picture myself as one because I hated vegetables (of course, I'd barely tried any). Paul's quote about at least having a clear conscience opened my eyes. That statement has to appeal to any animal lover. You can debate all you like, but in the end, isn't it better to at least not have to worry about guilt?
The topic of memorials to Linda has come up. It seems so final to me to think of that, but, as Paul says, the simplest thing one can do is just Go Veggie!
Regarding Paul's statement about Linda... One of the countless things that touched me about it was that Paul almost seems to be getting out every point he's wanted to make for thirty years. The statement seems to be Paul's ultimate defense against all the criticism Linda has ever received. And while all along, many people have questioned what he saw in her, he turns the tables in his statement and expresses his amazement that _she_ had chosen _him_ (I'm reminded of "Somedays I don't believe that you are mine.") I'll bet Linda never wanted to be defended. That's why the statement is so powerful and honest - these are probably thoughts and feelings that have been churning around in Paul's head for thirty years.
There isn't a whole lot that can be said that isn't obvious: how concerned we are for Paul and the kids, how badly we want Paul to pull through this and be Paul again, how extraordinary their love was and is, how devastating and sudden breast cancer can be, how many lives (human and otherwise) she touched.
Finally, I realized this week that I must've known who Linda was as long as I've known who Paul is. Maybe that's why this is tough for me to come to terms with - it's hard to imagine a Paul with no Linda (at least not visibly so). The whole thing is just so final. We know the whole story now. It's going to take a long time to reach closure, I think.

Fabfully Yours,
Melissa K. Carroll

There will NEVER be another Linda McCartney...

I will forever HATE Santa Barbra, Calif for their utter nonsense in this aftermath of a wonderful person's death...

..and I shall forever pray for Paul and his family in continued strength and courage in this time of a lost love.

Kevin Maylin

dear paul, heather, mary, stella and james,

we, as fans and admirers, thought linda was through with this horrible disease. we were delirious with joy at seeing her at the family's side for both "standing stone" performances. the joy and pride in linda's face at stella's fashion shows will live with me forever. I'm sure she was equally proud of all her children - we just weren't privy to those moments as we were with stella.

for all the joy and happiness paul's music has given us, my heart breaks for his loss. paul, I'm sure your children are doing what they can to help you.

for everyone who was not family, linda was a larger than life influence for many. I know I went veggie several years ago as a result of yours and linda's vegetarianism. we hope our condolences book and all the messages flowing to you from around the world will show you what a difference she made in this world.

In cameroon, africa, among the gbaya, there is a woman of great stature called, "okoo-pi-gangmo," which means woman peace-thrower. she is the custodian of sore' which is a common small tree in the area, also called, "sore'-ga'mo-k'ee" which means, "our sore'-cool-thing." its name and metaphor make clear that sore' is more than a tree. It is an instrument to help all that troubles and limits humans. If two people are fighting in the village, they may go to the peace-thrower at night. she takes her calabash of water, sore', and other leaves and washes the faces of her visitors, saying, "let there be peace in our village." when a fight is so fierce that no one can stop it, the peace-thrower appears. she thrusts a sore' branch into the water in her calabash and sprinkles all the fighters, cooling their anger. the fighting stops and everyone quiets down.

linda was very much like the woman peace-thrower of the gbaya people. very influential and everyone listened to her. she could stare down the animal industry and convert many to a vegetarian lifestyle by living the beat and walking the walk.

linda will be in our hearts and minds forever. may sore' cool your sorrow and heartache.



Dear Paul, Heather, Mary, Stella and James;

It is difficult to express how someone you didn't personally know has influenced your life. I was just a young teenager in 1968 when I first heard of Linda, but have followed her life and career since, collecting interviews, photographs, books and of course music. I had the chance to "meet" her for a few seconds last October at the Royal Albert Hall. It was a moment that I will never forget! Her zeal for life and having fun has always been evident, as has her love of family. Such a loss is immense, overwhelming to all. We will miss her greatly! How wonderful that she was here to touch our lives and hearts.

Sallie Anne Brink, Louisville, Kentucky

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